About Me


I believe I have the BEST job in the world!  Who didn't love art class??  :)  Along with letting me play with paint & supplies everyday, I get to live a wonderfully HAPPY life, with a flexible schedule that allows me to go "play" whenever I want! 

I've been a professional artist/designer in the craft & gift industries since 1992 ~ but the fun really began at a young age, making Barbie doll furniture out of perfume bottles, cereal boxes, stray fabric, and making clothes out of anything she could find!  My mom was an oil painter and my grandmother did every kind of stitching or crocheting project she could get ahold of!  I soaked up every lesson in sewing, stitchery, crochet, embroidery and painting that I could from them, even making my first complete quilt at age 14.  "Hands-on" everything...crafting, gardening, canning, painting, redecorating, etc...that was my childhood!  And I can't stop today!  Sometimes that's not such a good thing - I end up with too many irons in the fire at one time!  haha  Design A.D.D. I call it!  Too many ideas ~ never enough time! 

I've done almost everything there is to do in the art world...from shows...to owning a shop...to teaching classes...to designing hundreds of patterns...to authoring 6 books...to publishing over 200 magazine articles...to art & product licensing for rubberstamps, buttons, gift products, holiday decor, prints, housewares, etc...and now coming almost full circle to manufacturing my OWN products with my abstract and mixed media artwork.  

I create art that reflects the happiness and the "joy of life" I feel and try to share it with as many people as I can...EVERY day!  I want people to look at my art, and get lost... almost a meditation... seeing something different each time they look at it.  I want them to feel calm and peaceful and learn to live in the moment.