Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vacation SALE time ~

It's VACATION SALE time!  Hurry and get
your goodies at 30% off - I'm only
gone a week this time!
GREAT time to get those
Christmas gifts!!
A Joyful Soul Vacation Sale - 30% off!!
See you next week!

Friday, October 9, 2015

amazon handmade ~

Hi Everyone!  I'm excited to announce
that AMAZON HANDMADE is now LIVE and
ready for you to shop!  My
shop can be found at HERE

Have you heard of it??  It's a new Handmade
section of the original AMAZON site!  I just LOVE
Amazon - I do a LOT of my shopping on there!
So this will be GREAT - I can get a bunch
of items, on my list, in one place!!

I've been busy getting all my pictures
reformatted and getting all the settings up
for my new shop!  It's gonna take
quite a bit of time - in between orders
and designing & creating to get
everything up and listed! 

In the meantime - everything is available
through my regular shops - AND there's
soooo many fun handmade products
to browse through on the new
check it out when you get a chance!