Sunday, August 16, 2015


Only ONE week left - for the END OF SUMMER SALE!  
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Be Happy Handsoldered Charm Pendant, A Joyful Soul
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I hope you're all having a wonderful last few days of
summer!  I don't know where it went!  In
Wisconsin, it seems like we just started!
Time is getting away from me!  But we have
lots of new and exciting things coming
here at the studio... so please sign up
to follow my blog (see the link on the left
column) - and/or sign up for my newsletter

I'll be sending out more updates,
giveaways and FREE stuff,
now that summer is almost over and
the Holiday Season is fast approaching!

I'll be back soon!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

lots going on and a SALE ~

Hey all -- sooooo much has been going on
over here, that I haven't had time to
blog!  Life happens - even with
the best laid plans and intentions!
But going with the FLOW is what
I try to do!  No stress zone!  So,
I'm not stressing over what I don't
get done - I'm happy with all the things
I'm accomplishing and with taking
breathing time in between! 

I wanted to come on today, to let you all
know about my BIG End of Summer
Sale that starts today!  I haven't
done a sale in a long time - so I thought
I'd throw one - so everyone can
get started on the gift-giving season,
that's coming before you know it!

A Joyful Soul End of Summer Sale

Oh, and I HAVE kept up with my daily
meditation paintings (and I hope
you have too!) - but I need to
get all the pictures taken and uploaded
so I can show you!  Soon - I promise!

I hope you're all enjoying the summer and making
lots of fun memories with family and