Tuesday, July 14, 2015

gratitude meditation series ~

I love meditating... it keeps me zen! 

Gratitude Meditation Series:  071315 by Sue Allemand
 I've been doing abstract paintings for a little over
2 years.  I consider my abstracts, "Meditative 
Paintings" for 2 reasons... 
#1 - While I'm painting them, I'm in the "zone".
That peaceful, calm place where I'm intuitively adding paint
and texture to a piece - without thinking about the
stresses and responsibilities of the day.  I'm "zoning" into
the music I'm listening to, the nature sounds around
me... or just the quietness of the studio.
#2 - When the seer looks at the painting, I want their
eyes to wander around the different colors, 
brushstrokes, textures... and feel a sense of
peace and calm.  I want them to be transported
INTO the painting - where they can get "lost"
in the tranquil depths and forget their troubles...
a kind of "meditative" state. 

Sue Allemand Art, Meditation Series, Abstracts
The start of Monday's meditation... #071315
I've been listening to Deepak Chopra's meditations for
years.  The sound of his voice and the peaceful
music he chooses for his meditations - transport
me to a place of beauty and light... a place of
no stress...  it always centers me and gets me
ready for the day.

Well - yesterday started a new FREE 21-Day Meditation
Series, from Deepak, called Manifesting Grace through
Gratitude.  If you'd like to join - you can click this

Anyway - I decided that for this 21-day series, I was
going to do a painting each day, for each meditation!
I'm doing my meditation first, and making note of
the colors that come forth in my mind during
the session.  Afterwards, I relisten to
the meditation while painting on my canvas, recalling
the colors and feelings that came up for me, during
my session.  Each meditation/painting takes
approximately 15 - 20 minutes.  

Sue Allemand Art, Meditation Series, Abstracts
Progress on #071315
I'll post my daily painting here, each day!  If
you'd like to join me - you are so welcome to!  I'd
love to see your paintings!  I'm doing 8" x 10"
canvases... those seem to be the perfect size for
a 20 minute painting.  At the end, we'll be
totally peaceful and grateful - AND we'll have
21 paintings to show for it!  How fun is

I started yesterday (07/13/15) - so I have 2 days
paintings to post so far... Monday's painting is at
the beginning of this post.  And here's today's

Gratitude Meditation Series: 071415 - by Sue Allemand
I'll be scanning my paintings and using them as
backgrounds for inspiring quotes and messages
of gratitude!  Prints will be available soon!

Come on everybody - let's all get zen!!