Wednesday, June 10, 2015

happiness ~

What makes YOU happy??

I just watched this movie - Hector and the Search
for Happiness - and I LOVED it!
It's available now on Netflix if you're up
for a good movie! Made me laugh, cry
and get the chills (that's how I know
I really love something - haha)!!

If you watch it - let me know what you think!

Hugs and Happiness,

Monday, June 8, 2015

just saying no ~

I like tooooo many things!  I enjoy making too many 
different things!  I want to DO IT ALL!!  TRY it all!

It always helped to be a prolific and
diverse artist.  Publishers and editors loved being able 
to have me do articles on pretty much ANYthing
- from painting to sewing to needlework to 
beading to scrapbooking, screenprinting,
leatherwork, wool punching, 
applique... and on and on and on...
they could count on me!  Whatever they
needed more of in their issues!

Enjoy The Little Things, Art Print by Sue Allemand

It worked out great when designing for manufacturers
and licensing as well!  I could design a whole product 
line, with nice mix of different product using
all different media!

But recently I'm becoming overwhelmed with myself!
I want to DO EVERYTHING!  I enjoy making
all kinds of things!  But lately - I've been having to
tell myself NO!  NO to new projects, NO to
trying something that looks fun but is just
going to add to my list of things that take
up every waking hour, NO to things that I used
to do - but no longer have time for!  That little voice in 
my head has had to hold me back lately, more times
than I can count!  haha.

Sue Allemand Studio
Part of newly re-organized studio
It had been brewing in me, for quite a while... this downsizing,
this simplifying, this saying NO.  But when I recently got
back to WI from CA - and decided to clean out my
studios and downsize to ONE studio - instead of TWO
(I know bad is that?  So spoiled!  Some people don't even
have one! But in my defense - I DO do this for a living and have for
a LONG time - you accumulate a lot over the years! haha). 

Sue Allemand Studio B - before pic
Studio B - before pic
I came across so many tossed aside projects 
I had started.
So many plastic bins, full of all the supplies for
different "ideas" I had... all ready to go for when I
have the TIME!  Yeah - probably not gonna happen!  
(More on the new studio in an upcoming post).
You know - you learn something new - and you're
like a firecracker... your brain is off and running
with 50 million ideas for that new technique
or craft... so you buy ALL (not just a few things to
get started - oh NO!)... but ALL the colors, tools, 
supplies, variations, etc... to make a TON!
Then you get back to the studio - and "real life"
happens and you are busy with orders and
business and paperwork and house and family
stuff - and all those supplies are sitting in 
a box somewhere...

(or more likely the bag you got them in at the store - you
know it's true!)

waiting for you to "get time" - to experiment and
bring your brilliantly awesome ideas to
fruition.  Days and months and years pass -
and you continue to get excited about NEW
things and even though you have lots of cast
aside projects you haven't had time for...
it doesn't stop you from buying the next LOT of
stuff for that new and exciting project
or idea!  
(Which will be added to that ever-growing - "I'll get to it 
when I have time" stash!)

Sue Allemand Studio - closet cleanout
Cleaning out the closet STASH
There's also a lot of "business" stuff that needs to get
done - and I don't get as much time to CREATE as
I'd like!  The making art part, only seems to be happening
1/5 of the time!  (If that!)  The other 4/5 is taken up with 
paperwork, computer work, printing, orders, advertising, 
social media, blogging, researching, formatting, 
accounting, shipping... all the things that take up 
time but don't add to my creative spirit. 

I sometimes WISH I could just be a right-brained artist.
One that paints and creates all day - and leaves the
business side to someone else... I think it'd be so
"FREE"ing in a lot of ways!  As I get older - I
just want to paint for hours and hours - and get lost
in the creation...   I need to STOP adding new
things to the list!  I have ENOUGH!  I'll
never stop learning or wanting to know how
everything is made or how everything works...
I just have to stop myself from having to
jump into everything with both feet!  haha.

Metal Clay Class last January - bought all the supplies - and they're
still in the box! $400 down the inspiration tube...

So -- this is my year to narrow it down!  Say NO to
things.  Concentrate on the things I LOVE the most!
And spend ALL my time - doing just those
few things!

Lotus in Blue by Sue Allemand

#1 is my first love - painting!  Painting is 
meditation to me!
Abstract & Mixed Media - those are my PEACE...
adding inspirational words and quotes to
them.. make them my BLISS!  Through these,
I'm able to spread joy, beauty and love to everyone who
sees them.  Lift them up when they're down - 
or inspire them to KEEP GOING!  That's
my purpose, at this stage of my life.

Believe in Love Charm Necklace,
Believe in Love Charm Necklace

#2 is my jewelry.  Filled with my art and the same
inspiring and spiritual quotes and sayings that
encourage love & kindness.

So goodbye to the yarn, the flosses and needles
and punches.  Goodbye to the leather supplies, with
all your dyes and punches and scraps of leather.
Goodbye to all the fabric -- ooooh this is a hard
one -- haha.  Goodbye to all the woolfelt and
stuffing and muslin.  Goodbye rubber stamps, and 
stencils, and inks and papers.  Goodbye to every bit
and bauble that was saved for "just the right
project"...  Goodbye Jack of All Crafts...
we're gonna have one HECK of a rummage sale
this Fall!  ;)  

Sue Allemand Studio
Cleaned and ready for action!
HELLO to a less cluttered, inspiring studio - where
I can spend hours and hours and hours - becoming
a MASTER of my ART!