Monday, March 30, 2015

cleaning your brushes ~

I get asked, all the time, about how I clean my brushes.  Honestly - it's
something that I don't do very often.  Normally, while I'm
painting, I'm cleaning my brushes as I go... rubbing them
on my paint basin ridges (in the bottom of the basin)
blot them on a paper towel and lay flat to dry.
Hard/dirty brushes
But sometimes you just can't get them completely clean,
or they retain build-up paint over time - near the ferrules.
When you use gel mediums (glues), sealers and
finishes - they seem to be clean when you wash
them out - but you come back and they are hard as
a rock!!

I keep a jar of these hard/dirty brushes and when I get
a few I'll do the "deep clean" to bring them 
back to soft and pliable!  Really!  It works!  :)

All you need is some Murphy's Oil Soap - and a cup!

Cleaning your brushes -

Pour some Murphy's Oil Soap in a cup - just enough
so that the bristles and ferrules will be covered
when you insert the brushes.  This stuff smells
so good in the studio too!  :)

Put your brushes in and let them "soak" in
the oil for a few hours (or overnight like me!).
After soaking, wash out the brushes in
clean water!  All that gunk and hardness will
be gone!  If you'd like, you can take it
one step further and use some DecoArt Brush
Cleaner to fully clean and condition them to
keep them in great shape, longer!

Just squeeze out about a pea-size amount of cleaner into the
palm of your hand.  Rub the bristles of the brush, back
and forth, in the cleaner... making sure to get all the
way up to the ferrule.  Rinse in clean water.  Squeeze
the bristles into a flat point and let dry flat.

Cleaning your brushes -

Your brushes will be good to go!  So, next time you
forget to clean your brushes - or think you've
ruined them by letting them get hard -
try soaking them in Murphy's oil before
you throw them away!  :)

Cleaning your brushes -

Even if they're really old and fluffy - they'll still
be great for basecoating, staining - or for the
kids!  :)