Wednesday, February 25, 2015

winter and a break

 Only 24 days til Spring!  At least that's what the calendar
says.  For me, here in San Diego, our "winter" is
like a beautiful Spring from December thru April!
(OK - and some days the temps reach "summer" weather!)
So, sometimes I forget that it's FREEZING cold
back home in WI and around the country!

On My Walk - Day 55
Yes - I see the pics that everyone posts on FB -
of the huge amounts of snow.. and the
frozen icicles everywhere...
and hear what my poor family is enduring
in the "Frozen Tundra"
back home... but waking up every day to mainly
sunshine and above 60 degrees... it's hard to
fully grasp how frigidly cold I always am at this
time of year in WI!

Well.... I will be, ALL IN it, next week!  Brrr....
I'm already cold!!  I'm going back to WI for a
couple weeks to be with family.  I may be
hibernating inside the whole time!  haha.

Love Charms, now available in silver, by A Joyful
Love Charms now available in Silver!!
So, I will be taking an "unprecedented" break from
my shops!  I have never fully closed for a
break before -- and it's feeling a little strange!
But I'm looking forward to some down time!  
Some time to just be with family, work on some
things around the house and just take some
time to PLAY!
I know - weird concept huh?  haha.

I'll be closing my shops on Sunday night 3/1 until
3/18 when I return from WI.  The Etsy shops will
be put in vacay mode and my website will
have a BREAK notice.  Although I can't
close the website - any orders that DO come
through, during the time I'm gone, will not be
filled until I return 3/18.  So sorry for
any inconvenience!  If you need something
before then, just let me know - I will
still take orders thru Sunday 3/1 for
shipment Monday morning!

Thanks so much for your patience &
cooperation!  :)  I'll still be posting
what I'm working on, my daily "on my walk"
pictures (yep I'm still walking!) and my home 
projects over on Instagram!  So come 
follow me over there!

See you in a couple weeks!  Here's
to wishing us all safety and warmth!  haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

valentine's GIVEAWAY!!

Mini Love Charms by A Joyful

I woke up this morning thinking - GIVEAWAY!!  I wanna
spread some LOVE and give away a LOVE necklace for
Valentine's Day!!

No wait.... I wanna give away TWO Love Necklaces!!  One
for the winner AND one for the winner to give away to
someone they LOVE!!  Spreading LOVE forward!!

Yay!  I'm so excited!  All you have to do - is head over to
my Facebook Page and comment on the giveaway
post (so I can keep all the entries together in one place! 
I don't want to miss anybody!) and tell me WHO you
would give the extra necklace to!!  Don't worry - your
answers won't be judged - it'll just be fun to hear!  haha

A random winner will be chosen on Valentine's
Day, from all the entries,
to receive 2 LOVE necklaces - colors of your choice!!

Are you ready to SPREAD THE LOVE???
Head on over to my FB Page - Sue Allemand Art
to enter!

Good Luck!  And Happy Valentine's Day!
Will you BE MINE??

(Speaking of Be Mine -- the 30% off sale is still going on
over in my Etsy Shop -- use code: BEMINE30 -- til 2/15)


Thursday, February 5, 2015

it's LOVE time!!

Expires 2/15/15

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Love you all so much!