Thursday, January 29, 2015

time flew

I realized the other day - that it was already the
end of January!!  And that I hadn't been on my blog
since the beginning of the year!  Sheesh!

Winter Over Water by Sue Allemand 2015

Time really flew!!  I've been so busy busy -- but it's been
a great year so far!  Lots of work, lots of
walking, lots of going here and there, lots
of being sick.... just LOTS!

I know I said I was going to come back and tell you my
list of "goals" for 2015...  well, some of those goals
are more like "challenges" - and YEP I'm still doing them!

#1 Goal was to walk EVERY DAY!  Doesn't matter how
far the walk is... but just to make sure to get a walk in
every day!  And I have - even when I was sick!  (Pat on
my back - haha!)  I'm over 46 miles so far for
the month... hopefully I'll make it to 50!!  That'd be a 
great start!

As artists - we do an awful LOT of sitting!  And I really needed
to get my butt up and start moving again!  I was starting
to feel like a noodle... working all the time... 
not working OUT...
not lifting weights.  But now I'm back on track and it feels
GREAT!  Days 1 - 29 are in the books!  And I intend
to keep on moving my rear!

I LOVE succulents!

#2 Goal - was to take a picture EVERY DAY - something
I see #onmywalk - and post it to Instagram!
I think having to find something to take a picture 
of, makes me BE in the moment!  Always looking at
the beauty that surrounds me - and noticing all the little
things I might miss if I was just walking past mindlessly.
It's been fun to find something beautiful, odd or funny
to take a picture of!

Harbor Island, San Diego, CA

#3 Challenge - I joined an Art Challenge started by a friend
of mine on Facebook.  The 52WeeksofArt Challenge!
Every week - a different word prompt... every week a new
painting.  Well - for ME a painting.... other people in
the challenge do other types of art (writers, photographers,
musicians, etc.)
 So at the end of the year we'll have 52 pieces!  :)
The first picture in this post was my week 1 entry - "Winter"
was the prompt.  I AM still plugging away,
trying to keep up with these
in between tons of orders and work deadlines... I'm
only a couple days behind but I should be caught up soon!  :) 

It's been such a full month!  And it's not over yet!  haha.
I hope you're all having a great year so far --
and keeping up with your goals/resolutions!

Maybe talk a walk!  :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

new year ~ new word

Happy 2015, friends!
I don't really make 
"resolutions" each year - because they inevitably
get broken within a week or two!  But,
I do think about goals I'd like
to accomplish or work toward in the new year
and things in my life that I'd like to take in a new
direction.  I also pick a Word Of The Year -
to inspire my work and give me something
to focus on when I have big decisions to 

So... I decided my Word for 2015 would be FLOURISH!  And
I guess it was meant to be - because a couple days
later Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women announced
she had designed this new planner!!  Well... of course

I LOVE that it's full-size, so you have LOTS of room to 
write a bunch on each days' block - plus you can use it
as your artist's workbook, notepad, idea keeper,
appointment minder...
anything you need to write down!  I LOVE it!
Just have to switch over to my bigger purse - so I can
carry it with me wherever I go!!  I want
to fill every page!  Maybe I'll be able to limit myself
to just this one planner/notebook this year!!  Instead
of a bunch of little ones!  ha.

#onmywalk - Day 2
As for my goals, I started writing them down a couple days
ago, and I'm still working on refining and
organizing them into doable chunks!  But, I did start one
of my goals - which is a daily walk!  It doesn't matter
how far, or how long -- just get my butt out there in
the fresh air and walk!  365 days!  That's my goal.  
And ~ I decided to take a picture every 
day!  Something I see on my walks.  I'll be 
labeling them #onmywalk and
you can show me your pics too, just use the same
hashtag!  Come walk with me!  And follow 
me on Instagram to see my daily photos!

Pointsettia tree,
#onmywalk - Day 1
These are the first 2 photos for the first 2 days of 
January!  I also signed up for the MapMyWalk app - 
so I can keep track of how many miles I
have "moved my rear" this year!  If you don't
have a smartphone - you can keep track on
your computer!!

So let's get MOVIN' peeps!!  Lets be healthy and strong -
so we can take on the world!

I'll be back tomorrow with the completed list of my
goals for 2015!  What goals are YOU trying to