Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to You!

Ho Ho Ho Santas by Sue Allemand 2008, Sue Allemand Art Blog

Thank you so much for helping to make 2015
such a successful year!
I’m am so grateful that I’m able to wake up
every day and create art! 
I look forward to your continued
love and support – and wish you all the best
for a healthy and happy 2016!!

There are LOTS of fun things to come!


Oh - and by the way - if you're still looking for
a wonderful place to donate to a good cause...
our friend, Cheryl, is still waiting for
a new heart and lungs at Cedars-Sanai Hospital
in LA.  If you could check out her GoFundMe Page
I would really appreciate it!
Thanks so much!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

happy thanksgiving & a sale code ~

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm so thankful and grateful for all of you!
I so appreciate your business and friendship!
Have a wonderful day with
your families and may you eat
lots of yummy food!
I really miss my mama and her

(thank you to the unknown creator of this graphic!)

And for those of you who are starting your
shopping while everyone
else is sleeping or watching

here is the code for our BlackFriday-SmallBizSaturday-
CyberMonday-Holiday Extravaganza Very
Merry Sale!  ;)

Very Merry Xmas Sale - A Joyful Soul - Inspirational Art, Jewelry & Gifts

This will be our LAST sale of the year!!  So get your
orders in now - and SAVE!!
Use code: HOLIDAY30 on all of
our sites!
Sale ends 12/5/15.

Hugs & Yummy Pumpkin Pie,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vacation SALE time ~

It's VACATION SALE time!  Hurry and get
your goodies at 30% off - I'm only
gone a week this time!
GREAT time to get those
Christmas gifts!!
A Joyful Soul Vacation Sale - 30% off!!
See you next week!

Friday, October 9, 2015

amazon handmade ~

Hi Everyone!  I'm excited to announce
that AMAZON HANDMADE is now LIVE and
ready for you to shop!  My
shop can be found at HERE

Have you heard of it??  It's a new Handmade
section of the original AMAZON site!  I just LOVE
Amazon - I do a LOT of my shopping on there!
So this will be GREAT - I can get a bunch
of items, on my list, in one place!!

I've been busy getting all my pictures
reformatted and getting all the settings up
for my new shop!  It's gonna take
quite a bit of time - in between orders
and designing & creating to get
everything up and listed! 

In the meantime - everything is available
through my regular shops - AND there's
soooo many fun handmade products
to browse through on the new
check it out when you get a chance!


Friday, September 4, 2015

harvest extravaganza ~

Only 3 more weeks until we'll be exhibiting
at Country Lane Treasures'
Harvest Extravaganza!!

This is the last show that we'll be selling
my painted primitive ORIGINALS!!
All must go!  Only $15 ea!!
What a steal!
(I only have about 40 or so left!)
So come on out and see us in Arcanum,
Ohio, Sept. 26 & 27th!

We're moving on - and the last
of the primitives need to go... to make
room for all of the new designs!

Sue Allemand Painted Primitives

Sue Allemand Primitives

We'll also have some of our new art, 
inspirational quotes, prints,
vintage inspired jewelry, tshirts,
and lots of other fun offerings!

Sue Allemand Art Prints

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, August 16, 2015


Only ONE week left - for the END OF SUMMER SALE!  
Use Coupon Code: SUMMER - for 30% OFF
any order through 8/22/15!

Be Happy Handsoldered Charm Pendant, A Joyful Soul
Be Happy Pendant Available HERE

I hope you're all having a wonderful last few days of
summer!  I don't know where it went!  In
Wisconsin, it seems like we just started!
Time is getting away from me!  But we have
lots of new and exciting things coming
here at the studio... so please sign up
to follow my blog (see the link on the left
column) - and/or sign up for my newsletter

I'll be sending out more updates,
giveaways and FREE stuff,
now that summer is almost over and
the Holiday Season is fast approaching!

I'll be back soon!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

lots going on and a SALE ~

Hey all -- sooooo much has been going on
over here, that I haven't had time to
blog!  Life happens - even with
the best laid plans and intentions!
But going with the FLOW is what
I try to do!  No stress zone!  So,
I'm not stressing over what I don't
get done - I'm happy with all the things
I'm accomplishing and with taking
breathing time in between! 

I wanted to come on today, to let you all
know about my BIG End of Summer
Sale that starts today!  I haven't
done a sale in a long time - so I thought
I'd throw one - so everyone can
get started on the gift-giving season,
that's coming before you know it!

A Joyful Soul End of Summer Sale

Oh, and I HAVE kept up with my daily
meditation paintings (and I hope
you have too!) - but I need to
get all the pictures taken and uploaded
so I can show you!  Soon - I promise!

I hope you're all enjoying the summer and making
lots of fun memories with family and


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

grilled chicken parm recipe ~

Whew -- lots going on here lately --
I feel like a chicken!  haha.  Get it?  Running
around like a chicken?  Yeah - not really funny...
but I thought so.  haha.  Anyway, I 
promised you my Grilled Chicken Parm
recipe the other day - so here goes!  I'll be
catching up with my series art postings as
soon as I can...and let you know what's been
going on here lately!
Grilled Chicken Parmesan Recipe, Sue Allemand Art
Grilled Chicken Parmesan
Sue's Grilled Chicken Parm Recipe
(with mushrooms & green beans)

4 Chicken Breasts
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
Salt & Pepper
1/2 c. Prego Spaghetti Sauce
(whichever flavor you like - I like a
chunky mushroom style)
1/2 c. Sliced Bella Mushrooms
1/4c. - 1/2c.  Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/2 lb. Fresh Green Beans

Cooking Instructions:
1.  Season chicken breasts, on both sides, with
salt and pepper.
2.  Grill chicken in a grill pan or saute pan with 
EVOO and minced garlic.  (Approximately 15 - 20
minutes, depending on the size of your breasts) (the
chicken's breasts that is - hehehe - ok another
NOT funny... I must be squirrelly today...
everything seems funny to me)
I like to have a good browning on each
3.  Spoon spaghetti sauce onto the tops of
each breast - and smooth over with
the back of the spoon.
4.  Add sliced mushrooms on and
around chicken. 
5.  Wash and snap stems off of the
green beans and add them to the pan
as well. 
6.  Cover pan and let cook for
a few minutes until mushroom and
beans are soft, to your liking.
7.  Sprinkle grated parmesan cheese
onto each chicken breast and spoon
on some sauce and mushrooms
from the bottom of the pan.

As soon as the parm melts - You're Done!  
Quick and Easy!  And only 1 pan is
dirty!!  Yay!  (I hate doing dishes!)

I hope you LOVE!  My family does!
This is a great low carb dish --
if you want to cut out even more
sugar -- use diced tomato, onion,
and green pepper instead of the sauce.
But there's really not much in that
little amount of sauce.

Let me know if you try it!


Friday, July 24, 2015

meditation series ~ days 8 & 9

I've been having issues with my power and internet
lately - so I didn't get to post my paintings
for Days 8 & 9....
here they are.  I LOVE the direction I'm
going with these!  Very light and ethereal!
I guess that's what meditation does for me...haha.

Gratitude Meditation Series Abstracts by Sue Allemand
Meditation Series ~ Day 8 ~ "Ethereal"
It's fun to just play and try things out - instead
of my usual OCD perfectionist self - trying
to put and place everything perfectly!
And the 20 minute limit on these paintings
is great!  I find that if I futz with it longer than
the 20 minutes - it's the perfectionist
coming out and it looks overdone!

This one (below) - I was like...uh oh... I've gone
too far!  So I had to step away -- let it
breathe -- then go back in and take some
of the "busyness" away by adding more white
layers.  I still may have a touch more to do -
to bring it back where I want it.  But that's
what happens when you let your left brain do
the painting!  haha.

Gratitude Meditation Series Abstracts by Sue Allemand
Meditation Series ~ Day 9 ~ "Flow"
I'll be back later with today's painting... if the power
stays on!  haha.

Oh and I promised to post my recipe for Grilled Chicken
Parm - (thanks for asking FB & IG'ers).  I'll do that in 
the next post.  Very quick and easy -- and soooo 
delish!!  And if you don't already follow
me on Facebook or Instagram - please do!  Just
click these links to take you there!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

meditation series ~ day 7

Here is today's meditative painting... hope you all had
a wonderful day!   Gratitude is a great
thing to meditate about!  I'm so grateful
for my health, my family & friends, my 
wonderful life... and to be able to do what
I LOVE for a living...and for FUN!  :)

Gratitude Meditation Series Abstract Paintings by Sue Allemand Art
Meditation Series ~ Day 7 ~ 072115

Monday, July 20, 2015

meditation series ~ day 6

Hi all!!  How was your weekend?  Whew - I'm exhausted
today!  Started lifting weights again -- been feeling mushy --
and saw my fatty arms in a picture this weekend - yuck!
But now my arms are so sore - I can barely lift them!  haha

I've been trying to
take the weekends off lately - spending time with family
and do things around the house... so I took the
weekend off of my meditation series as well.
But, I'm back at it today!  Here is 
Day 6 of my Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation Series by Sue Allemand
Meditation Series - Day 6 - 072015
Gratitude Meditation Series by Sue Allemand

I still have to take the pictures of them all.  Will post 
a collage photo when I do!  ;)

See you tomorrow!

Friday, July 17, 2015

meditation series ~ day 5

I love these sweet colors.  Reminds me
of a baby girl's room.

This is the finished piece.  I went a little farther
after the meditation was over - you'll see
where it was before, below:

Meditation Series Abstracts by Sue Allemand
Gratitude Meditation Series - 071715 - by Sue Allemand

Here it was at the end of the meditation period...

Meditation Series Abstracts by Sue Allemand
Meditation Series - Progression
It just needed a little "something" - so I spent
another  5 - 10 minutes on it... and
I love it now!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

meditation series ~ day 4 ~

I'm really having a lot of fun with this
"Gratitude Meditation Series"!  The meditations
are great - as always.... and the painting is turning
out to be such a fun "play time" for me!  Trying
out new color combinations and  ideas!
If you'd like to join in on Deepak Chopra's
FREE 21 Day "Manifesting Grace through
Gratitude" Meditation Experience - just
click HERE to sign up!  It's not too late - we're
only on Day 4!  :)

OK - here's my Day 4 Painting -
I just LOVE it...and this new direction!  Calm
and serene looking!  :)

Gratitude Meditation Series Abstracts by Sue Allemand Art
Meditation Series - #071615 - by Sue Allemand
Come follow me on Instagram -- if you want!  I post more
progress pictures and daily inspirations over there!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

meditation series ~ day 3 ~

Here's my painting for Day 3 of my Gratitude Meditation
Series.  These are just pics from my phone (for quick
snaps)... I'll be taking photos with my good camera
at the end of each week
and posting a collage for a better view!

Gratitude Meditation Series  Abstracts by Sue Allemand
Purple/Green/White - Meditation Series

Gratitude Meditation Series  Abstracts by Sue Allemand
Gratitude Meditation Series ~ 071515 by Sue Allemand

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

gratitude meditation series ~

I love meditating... it keeps me zen! 

Gratitude Meditation Series:  071315 by Sue Allemand
 I've been doing abstract paintings for a little over
2 years.  I consider my abstracts, "Meditative 
Paintings" for 2 reasons... 
#1 - While I'm painting them, I'm in the "zone".
That peaceful, calm place where I'm intuitively adding paint
and texture to a piece - without thinking about the
stresses and responsibilities of the day.  I'm "zoning" into
the music I'm listening to, the nature sounds around
me... or just the quietness of the studio.
#2 - When the seer looks at the painting, I want their
eyes to wander around the different colors, 
brushstrokes, textures... and feel a sense of
peace and calm.  I want them to be transported
INTO the painting - where they can get "lost"
in the tranquil depths and forget their troubles...
a kind of "meditative" state. 

Sue Allemand Art, Meditation Series, Abstracts
The start of Monday's meditation... #071315
I've been listening to Deepak Chopra's meditations for
years.  The sound of his voice and the peaceful
music he chooses for his meditations - transport
me to a place of beauty and light... a place of
no stress...  it always centers me and gets me
ready for the day.

Well - yesterday started a new FREE 21-Day Meditation
Series, from Deepak, called Manifesting Grace through
Gratitude.  If you'd like to join - you can click this

Anyway - I decided that for this 21-day series, I was
going to do a painting each day, for each meditation!
I'm doing my meditation first, and making note of
the colors that come forth in my mind during
the session.  Afterwards, I relisten to
the meditation while painting on my canvas, recalling
the colors and feelings that came up for me, during
my session.  Each meditation/painting takes
approximately 15 - 20 minutes.  

Sue Allemand Art, Meditation Series, Abstracts
Progress on #071315
I'll post my daily painting here, each day!  If
you'd like to join me - you are so welcome to!  I'd
love to see your paintings!  I'm doing 8" x 10"
canvases... those seem to be the perfect size for
a 20 minute painting.  At the end, we'll be
totally peaceful and grateful - AND we'll have
21 paintings to show for it!  How fun is

I started yesterday (07/13/15) - so I have 2 days
paintings to post so far... Monday's painting is at
the beginning of this post.  And here's today's

Gratitude Meditation Series: 071415 - by Sue Allemand
I'll be scanning my paintings and using them as
backgrounds for inspiring quotes and messages
of gratitude!  Prints will be available soon!

Come on everybody - let's all get zen!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

happiness ~

What makes YOU happy??

I just watched this movie - Hector and the Search
for Happiness - and I LOVED it!
It's available now on Netflix if you're up
for a good movie! Made me laugh, cry
and get the chills (that's how I know
I really love something - haha)!!

If you watch it - let me know what you think!

Hugs and Happiness,

Monday, June 8, 2015

just saying no ~

I like tooooo many things!  I enjoy making too many 
different things!  I want to DO IT ALL!!  TRY it all!

It always helped to be a prolific and
diverse artist.  Publishers and editors loved being able 
to have me do articles on pretty much ANYthing
- from painting to sewing to needlework to 
beading to scrapbooking, screenprinting,
leatherwork, wool punching, 
applique... and on and on and on...
they could count on me!  Whatever they
needed more of in their issues!

Enjoy The Little Things, Art Print by Sue Allemand

It worked out great when designing for manufacturers
and licensing as well!  I could design a whole product 
line, with nice mix of different product using
all different media!

But recently I'm becoming overwhelmed with myself!
I want to DO EVERYTHING!  I enjoy making
all kinds of things!  But lately - I've been having to
tell myself NO!  NO to new projects, NO to
trying something that looks fun but is just
going to add to my list of things that take
up every waking hour, NO to things that I used
to do - but no longer have time for!  That little voice in 
my head has had to hold me back lately, more times
than I can count!  haha.

Sue Allemand Studio
Part of newly re-organized studio
It had been brewing in me, for quite a while... this downsizing,
this simplifying, this saying NO.  But when I recently got
back to WI from CA - and decided to clean out my
studios and downsize to ONE studio - instead of TWO
(I know bad is that?  So spoiled!  Some people don't even
have one! But in my defense - I DO do this for a living and have for
a LONG time - you accumulate a lot over the years! haha). 

Sue Allemand Studio B - before pic
Studio B - before pic
I came across so many tossed aside projects 
I had started.
So many plastic bins, full of all the supplies for
different "ideas" I had... all ready to go for when I
have the TIME!  Yeah - probably not gonna happen!  
(More on the new studio in an upcoming post).
You know - you learn something new - and you're
like a firecracker... your brain is off and running
with 50 million ideas for that new technique
or craft... so you buy ALL (not just a few things to
get started - oh NO!)... but ALL the colors, tools, 
supplies, variations, etc... to make a TON!
Then you get back to the studio - and "real life"
happens and you are busy with orders and
business and paperwork and house and family
stuff - and all those supplies are sitting in 
a box somewhere...

(or more likely the bag you got them in at the store - you
know it's true!)

waiting for you to "get time" - to experiment and
bring your brilliantly awesome ideas to
fruition.  Days and months and years pass -
and you continue to get excited about NEW
things and even though you have lots of cast
aside projects you haven't had time for...
it doesn't stop you from buying the next LOT of
stuff for that new and exciting project
or idea!  
(Which will be added to that ever-growing - "I'll get to it 
when I have time" stash!)

Sue Allemand Studio - closet cleanout
Cleaning out the closet STASH
There's also a lot of "business" stuff that needs to get
done - and I don't get as much time to CREATE as
I'd like!  The making art part, only seems to be happening
1/5 of the time!  (If that!)  The other 4/5 is taken up with 
paperwork, computer work, printing, orders, advertising, 
social media, blogging, researching, formatting, 
accounting, shipping... all the things that take up 
time but don't add to my creative spirit. 

I sometimes WISH I could just be a right-brained artist.
One that paints and creates all day - and leaves the
business side to someone else... I think it'd be so
"FREE"ing in a lot of ways!  As I get older - I
just want to paint for hours and hours - and get lost
in the creation...   I need to STOP adding new
things to the list!  I have ENOUGH!  I'll
never stop learning or wanting to know how
everything is made or how everything works...
I just have to stop myself from having to
jump into everything with both feet!  haha.

Metal Clay Class last January - bought all the supplies - and they're
still in the box! $400 down the inspiration tube...

So -- this is my year to narrow it down!  Say NO to
things.  Concentrate on the things I LOVE the most!
And spend ALL my time - doing just those
few things!

Lotus in Blue by Sue Allemand

#1 is my first love - painting!  Painting is 
meditation to me!
Abstract & Mixed Media - those are my PEACE...
adding inspirational words and quotes to
them.. make them my BLISS!  Through these,
I'm able to spread joy, beauty and love to everyone who
sees them.  Lift them up when they're down - 
or inspire them to KEEP GOING!  That's
my purpose, at this stage of my life.

Believe in Love Charm Necklace,
Believe in Love Charm Necklace

#2 is my jewelry.  Filled with my art and the same
inspiring and spiritual quotes and sayings that
encourage love & kindness.

So goodbye to the yarn, the flosses and needles
and punches.  Goodbye to the leather supplies, with
all your dyes and punches and scraps of leather.
Goodbye to all the fabric -- ooooh this is a hard
one -- haha.  Goodbye to all the woolfelt and
stuffing and muslin.  Goodbye rubber stamps, and 
stencils, and inks and papers.  Goodbye to every bit
and bauble that was saved for "just the right
project"...  Goodbye Jack of All Crafts...
we're gonna have one HECK of a rummage sale
this Fall!  ;)  

Sue Allemand Studio
Cleaned and ready for action!
HELLO to a less cluttered, inspiring studio - where
I can spend hours and hours and hours - becoming
a MASTER of my ART!


Monday, March 30, 2015

cleaning your brushes ~

I get asked, all the time, about how I clean my brushes.  Honestly - it's
something that I don't do very often.  Normally, while I'm
painting, I'm cleaning my brushes as I go... rubbing them
on my paint basin ridges (in the bottom of the basin)
blot them on a paper towel and lay flat to dry.
Hard/dirty brushes
But sometimes you just can't get them completely clean,
or they retain build-up paint over time - near the ferrules.
When you use gel mediums (glues), sealers and
finishes - they seem to be clean when you wash
them out - but you come back and they are hard as
a rock!!

I keep a jar of these hard/dirty brushes and when I get
a few I'll do the "deep clean" to bring them 
back to soft and pliable!  Really!  It works!  :)

All you need is some Murphy's Oil Soap - and a cup!

Cleaning your brushes -

Pour some Murphy's Oil Soap in a cup - just enough
so that the bristles and ferrules will be covered
when you insert the brushes.  This stuff smells
so good in the studio too!  :)

Put your brushes in and let them "soak" in
the oil for a few hours (or overnight like me!).
After soaking, wash out the brushes in
clean water!  All that gunk and hardness will
be gone!  If you'd like, you can take it
one step further and use some DecoArt Brush
Cleaner to fully clean and condition them to
keep them in great shape, longer!

Just squeeze out about a pea-size amount of cleaner into the
palm of your hand.  Rub the bristles of the brush, back
and forth, in the cleaner... making sure to get all the
way up to the ferrule.  Rinse in clean water.  Squeeze
the bristles into a flat point and let dry flat.

Cleaning your brushes -

Your brushes will be good to go!  So, next time you
forget to clean your brushes - or think you've
ruined them by letting them get hard -
try soaking them in Murphy's oil before
you throw them away!  :)

Cleaning your brushes -

Even if they're really old and fluffy - they'll still
be great for basecoating, staining - or for the
kids!  :)


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

winter and a break

 Only 24 days til Spring!  At least that's what the calendar
says.  For me, here in San Diego, our "winter" is
like a beautiful Spring from December thru April!
(OK - and some days the temps reach "summer" weather!)
So, sometimes I forget that it's FREEZING cold
back home in WI and around the country!

On My Walk - Day 55
Yes - I see the pics that everyone posts on FB -
of the huge amounts of snow.. and the
frozen icicles everywhere...
and hear what my poor family is enduring
in the "Frozen Tundra"
back home... but waking up every day to mainly
sunshine and above 60 degrees... it's hard to
fully grasp how frigidly cold I always am at this
time of year in WI!

Well.... I will be, ALL IN it, next week!  Brrr....
I'm already cold!!  I'm going back to WI for a
couple weeks to be with family.  I may be
hibernating inside the whole time!  haha.

Love Charms, now available in silver, by A Joyful
Love Charms now available in Silver!!
So, I will be taking an "unprecedented" break from
my shops!  I have never fully closed for a
break before -- and it's feeling a little strange!
But I'm looking forward to some down time!  
Some time to just be with family, work on some
things around the house and just take some
time to PLAY!
I know - weird concept huh?  haha.

I'll be closing my shops on Sunday night 3/1 until
3/18 when I return from WI.  The Etsy shops will
be put in vacay mode and my website will
have a BREAK notice.  Although I can't
close the website - any orders that DO come
through, during the time I'm gone, will not be
filled until I return 3/18.  So sorry for
any inconvenience!  If you need something
before then, just let me know - I will
still take orders thru Sunday 3/1 for
shipment Monday morning!

Thanks so much for your patience &
cooperation!  :)  I'll still be posting
what I'm working on, my daily "on my walk"
pictures (yep I'm still walking!) and my home 
projects over on Instagram!  So come 
follow me over there!

See you in a couple weeks!  Here's
to wishing us all safety and warmth!  haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

valentine's GIVEAWAY!!

Mini Love Charms by A Joyful

I woke up this morning thinking - GIVEAWAY!!  I wanna
spread some LOVE and give away a LOVE necklace for
Valentine's Day!!

No wait.... I wanna give away TWO Love Necklaces!!  One
for the winner AND one for the winner to give away to
someone they LOVE!!  Spreading LOVE forward!!

Yay!  I'm so excited!  All you have to do - is head over to
my Facebook Page and comment on the giveaway
post (so I can keep all the entries together in one place! 
I don't want to miss anybody!) and tell me WHO you
would give the extra necklace to!!  Don't worry - your
answers won't be judged - it'll just be fun to hear!  haha

A random winner will be chosen on Valentine's
Day, from all the entries,
to receive 2 LOVE necklaces - colors of your choice!!

Are you ready to SPREAD THE LOVE???
Head on over to my FB Page - Sue Allemand Art
to enter!

Good Luck!  And Happy Valentine's Day!
Will you BE MINE??

(Speaking of Be Mine -- the 30% off sale is still going on
over in my Etsy Shop -- use code: BEMINE30 -- til 2/15)


Thursday, February 5, 2015

it's LOVE time!!

Expires 2/15/15

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Love you all so much!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

time flew

I realized the other day - that it was already the
end of January!!  And that I hadn't been on my blog
since the beginning of the year!  Sheesh!

Winter Over Water by Sue Allemand 2015

Time really flew!!  I've been so busy busy -- but it's been
a great year so far!  Lots of work, lots of
walking, lots of going here and there, lots
of being sick.... just LOTS!

I know I said I was going to come back and tell you my
list of "goals" for 2015...  well, some of those goals
are more like "challenges" - and YEP I'm still doing them!

#1 Goal was to walk EVERY DAY!  Doesn't matter how
far the walk is... but just to make sure to get a walk in
every day!  And I have - even when I was sick!  (Pat on
my back - haha!)  I'm over 46 miles so far for
the month... hopefully I'll make it to 50!!  That'd be a 
great start!

As artists - we do an awful LOT of sitting!  And I really needed
to get my butt up and start moving again!  I was starting
to feel like a noodle... working all the time... 
not working OUT...
not lifting weights.  But now I'm back on track and it feels
GREAT!  Days 1 - 29 are in the books!  And I intend
to keep on moving my rear!

I LOVE succulents!

#2 Goal - was to take a picture EVERY DAY - something
I see #onmywalk - and post it to Instagram!
I think having to find something to take a picture 
of, makes me BE in the moment!  Always looking at
the beauty that surrounds me - and noticing all the little
things I might miss if I was just walking past mindlessly.
It's been fun to find something beautiful, odd or funny
to take a picture of!

Harbor Island, San Diego, CA

#3 Challenge - I joined an Art Challenge started by a friend
of mine on Facebook.  The 52WeeksofArt Challenge!
Every week - a different word prompt... every week a new
painting.  Well - for ME a painting.... other people in
the challenge do other types of art (writers, photographers,
musicians, etc.)
 So at the end of the year we'll have 52 pieces!  :)
The first picture in this post was my week 1 entry - "Winter"
was the prompt.  I AM still plugging away,
trying to keep up with these
in between tons of orders and work deadlines... I'm
only a couple days behind but I should be caught up soon!  :) 

It's been such a full month!  And it's not over yet!  haha.
I hope you're all having a great year so far --
and keeping up with your goals/resolutions!

Maybe talk a walk!  :)