Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a few things

Happy New Year's Eve, everybody!!  I hope you
all have a fun and safe night celebrating!

Just a quick few notes for you -- our website
may be down for a day, we're changing servers
over for our new site.  If you'd like
to place an order, our Etsy site is available
Thanks so much for your patience!

Word of the Year Charms by A Joyful

Also - our NEW Word of the Year Charms
are now available in our Etsy Shop!  Choose one
of our words - or let us know YOUR word
and we'll make a custom charm for you!!
Only $10 for the charm only - or
$14 for the complete necklace!!
Choose a word that will help inspire you
for 2015!

Word Charms and Vintage Letter Charms by A Joyful

Our word charms go great with our Vintage Letters or
with any of our regular Art Charms!

Word Charms and Art Charms by A Joyful

I want to THANK YOU ALL for a wonderful 2014!!
I appreciate your support and your friendship!
Here's to a GREAT 2015!  Great health,
great prosperity, great art and great happiness!