Thursday, September 18, 2014

life happens

Yep, that about sums it up - "life happens".  I'm sure you've noticed my
30 Day Challenge kinda stopped abruptly at 9 days!
As it was, I was getting the blog post done for the day, late late at
night...and some nights it was really a struggle to get it
finished and up before I fell asleep on the keyboard.  So it really
was a "challenge" for me.  My days are too busy as it is -
and when BIG orders come in, and friends need help,
and house stuff needs to get done, and deadlines loom
 - all at the same time, like they did on Day 10... I'm
REALLY stretched...

I DID get my Fall wreath up - but I still need to clean the door!  lol

So - the 30 day challenge is kaput!  haha.  I'm letting it go!
My life has not slowed
one bit since then - which is GREAT, don't get me wrong -
but some things need to go by the wayside... like 30 day picture
challenges.  haha.

I do PROMISE to keep up with the blog and posting pics of my
day and my process on a more regular basis though (that was the 
whole reason for the challenge - to get myself to post 
more)... just not every day!  :)  It's been great chatting with 
you all about our creative schedules and "fitting it all in" -- and 
I'm hoping that continues!

Kitchen BEFORE - but after tile demo
One BIG thing that is creating havoc in the house
right now is redoing parts of the kitchen.  While I was in San
Diego in July, I had my son remove the old mosaic
ceramic tile backsplash I installed about 12 years ago,
planning on replacing it with a more modern small
subway tile.  Then, once the tile was gone - I decided we really 
should replace the countertop and snack bar while we have the 
backsplash off.  AND - while we have the tile
off - we should update to GFCI outlets...
Yep - down the rabbit hole!  haha.

Snack bar - BEFORE
I'm trying to update a few things that haven't
been updated in a while - but without spending boatloads
of money.  With the downturn in real estate since 2008,
we're really not going to make anything on the sale -
so I'm trying to fix everything and update what I can
without losing more money.  

So -- first things first -- the new countertop and snack bar
went in...
Snack bar & kitchen - AFTER new countertop

And the GFCI outlets went in -- along with an electric
outlet inside the cabinet so we can put in under-the-counter
lights.  Next comes the tiling!  :)

Another thing that has been taking up a BIG amount of time
is the whole "downsizing" thing.  Whew - how did we get
so much stuff??  And I am NOT a "keeper"!  I throw things
out and take stuff to the goodwill constantly!  So how do we
still have this much junk?  

I think I found out one of the problems - my husband
does NOT want to get rid of any of HIS stuff!  haha.  Guess
I'm just gonna have to get rid of it when he's not looking! ;)

Well, I'm off to work on orders... and I have more cleaning
out to do - I'm "suppose" to be having a rummage sale
tomorrow (had one last weekend at a friends and still 
have more to get rid of!) - but I don't know if I'll get everything 
cleaned out!  I probably should just take everything to 
the goodwill like usual and move on to more pressing
things!  Ugh!!

Have a great day!  Hugs,