Friday, September 12, 2014

day 9 ~ my "lazy" day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

Yep - that's how I would describe today - LAZY.  haha.  It's cold, it's
rainy, it's gray.  Dan got home from work - grabbed his bike 
and clothes -
and left for the Fat Tire Bike Race in 
Hayward, WI, this morning.  So after he left - I sat down with
my coffee and my computer - and proceeded to
waste a few hours down the rabbit hole!  haha.

Good thing Makayla (that's my studio asst... say HI Makayla!  haha) 
came today - I think she got more done than me!  haha.  Here
she is painting a basecoat of DecoArt Americana 
Chalky Paint onto wooden
bowls I'm doing a tutorial on - and that I'm gonna use 
for the top of some displays in my booth.

I added some DecoArt Weathered Wood to areas I
want to crackle.  Oh yeah - and I'm doing the same techniques
on some scrabble tile holders too.

I'll have the FULL tutorial up in a few days - so watch for it!
 I LOVE this color - it's called Escape!  Really LOVE the new
Americana Chalky Finish Paints - they're so versatile and easy!

Then I was gathering and pricing a bunch of old artwork -
to bring to my friend's rummage sale tomorrow... I need to get rid
of some stuff and make room for all the new art and big canvases
I'm working on.

I'm all done with this style now... folkart/primitive... and I
just got a bunch back from my old agent and from
the magazine companies that just went out of business -- 
they had a bunch they hadn't sent back... so now I 
have piles and piles I need to find new homes

So, if you're anywhere near Kenosha, WI on Saturday or
Sunday (Sept. 13 & 14) the big, multi-fam rummage sale is at:
5420 - 83rd Street
9am - 3pm!

Hope to see you there!!  Have a fun weekend!

Oh and P.S. - I turned the furnace on today!!  Yeah, I admit it!  haha
Stay warm!