Thursday, September 11, 2014

day 8 ~ my day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

Holy Camoley!!  Where did the day go??  It's 8:20pm and I
almost forgot about my post for today!  In fact, the
only picture I took today... was of the soup I made
this afternoon!  haha.

And THAT picture wasn't even for the blog!  It was for 
my hubby,
who's at work today at the fire station, and I was asking
him if he wanted me to bring him some!  haha.

It's a freezing cold day here in WI today - and I saw 
some soup a friend
of mine made yesterday - and it enticed me to make 
turkey/veggie soup to warm up the tummy today!
And it DID turn out really yummy!

That was the only break I took today -- working, working,
working!  Didn't even leave the house!  Just walked out to the 
mailbox with today's orders....and ran back inside to the
warmth!  I even considered turning the heat on
today -- but I held out!  haha.  And just kept workin'.
My assistant, Makayla, was here today too --
so we got A LOT done!

New artwork is coming your way soon -- along with 
new inspirational jewelry
and beaded bracelets with charms!

OK - I promise - I'll remember to take pictures tomorrow!
No rummage sale because it's suppose to
storm all day... but still lots to do to take stuff over
to a friend's sale on Saturday!  :)