Wednesday, September 10, 2014

day 7 ~ my "rainy" day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

It's a rainy day on the pumpkin! haha.  So... it's a stay in the house
and work day....  The rain made for a really wonderful
meditation morning... the windows were open and just
listening to the rain fall softly along with the music on
my meditation
recording... it was sooo blissful!

I was SUPPOSE to get my new kitchen countertops installed
today - but I got word last night that they hadn't been delivered
yet - so I have to wait until next Tuesday.  Oh well... there's
a million other things to do!  haha.

Sue Allemand Art Prints,
I spent most of the morning matting prints and filling
orders in Studio B!  :)

 I'm really loving my new candle I got at the Maker Market last
Sunday!  Mint Rosemary is so yummy and peaceful!  I told
ya before - I'm a "super smeller" - haha.  So great
scents really energize me!

Choose Joy Flower by Sue Allemand, Mixed Media Art,

And I did a lot of editing of artwork for new prints and
Society 6 products!  This 8 x 10 print is now available
in my Etsy Shops!  And - it's available as a pillow, phone
case, card, and other home products

Today went so quickly!  I guess when you're having FUN.... as
they say... TIME FLIES!  It's sooo true!  There doesn't seem to
be enough hours in the day for all the fun stuff I want to do and make!

My garage is starting to get "stuffed" with things for the rummage
and art sale -- I'm cleaning out every nook and cranny
 I can get to between work!  But, wouldn't
you know... I heard the weather forecast for Friday... and
it's suppose to RAIN!!  All day!!  UGH!!!  So frustrating!  It
seems Fall has come overnight!  I was suppose to have my sale
Friday - then bring the leftovers to a friend's sale on Saturday...
but now it looks like the weather may ruin my plans.  
I guess we'll have to see if the weatherman changes his mind
tomorrow!  I'm crossin' my fingers!

Oh - and don't forget to go ENTER the GIVEAWAY I posted
Monday!!  You only have a couple more days!  I hope you had a
wonderful, productive day too!