Tuesday, September 9, 2014

day 6 ~ my "tiring" day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

Wow, it's been a day!  Didn't get much sleep last night... I don't know what the issue was
 but I woke up about 2am and just couldn't nod off for very long the rest of the early
morning!  So, I figured I might as well be productive, and get
up and start cleaning out my closet and dresser.  That led to the next closet and the
next closet... and the drawers...haha.  

I decided to have a rummage sale this Friday
to get rid of a bunch of BIG things I need to let go of... and a bunch of old art
that I just got back from my agent... so I figured I might as well do a "clean-out"
of the other parts of the house!  And get rid of it all at the same time!

So, needless to say, I didn't take many pictures today!  I don't think you want to see my
clean closets and organized clothes drawers!  haha.

The only pics I really took today were for art supplies that I posted on
FB in our "supplies for sale" group -- I went through my huge stencil stash
and weeded out ones I knew I'd never use!  And had NEVER used!  haha
Why do I keep buying things - supplies mainly - that I don't use and are still NEW
in the package years later??  

Do you do that too?  I think I have a "supply problem" - haha!  Hi, 
my name is Sue, and I'm addicted to arts & craft supplies .  :)   That, and office
supplies!!  I'm such a hoarder of both.  But I need to stop it!  
I'm trying to get this house cleaned out - so that we'll be ready to put it
up for sale when the right opportunity comes along... I'm hoping that's in 2015!
I'm so ready to downsize and not have all the maintenance and expense
of owning a house anymore!

There are no kids left at home to do "chores" for me!  :)  Well... at least not one
I can "order" around - haha!  My son will cut the grass and stuff for me
but he has work of his own to concentrate on.

When my daughter and I moved to California, I got used to living in an
apartment and making everything we had "multi-use"!  I LOVED it - and can't
wait to have all that free time to work on my businesses and have FUN with
my extra time (hello....beach)!  Not, doing house "stuff" - and I despise "garden and 
yard stuff"!
Not to mention having to fix everything that gets broken or wears out!  I LOVE being
able to call the landlord if something's not working correctly!  haha. 

So... it's cleaning out and getting rid of stuff...to get to the light at the end of
the tunnel!  :)  But it's a lot of work... ugh tiring!

I'm off to eat dinner and price a few more things before I hit the hay!  I hope you 
all had a super, awesome, productive day!