Monday, September 8, 2014

day 5 ~ my plain day in pictures ~ 30 day Challenge

Today was a work all day kinda day - that's why I say "plain" - haha.  This is what most
of my days end up like!  My first job of the day,
 was get all the orders processed and
shipped.  DONE!  Then, I read a little from my newest book - Success Through

I read his other book Super Rich - A Guide To Having It All.... a few years ago and 
really liked it!  I've read it a few times since.  So I bet this one will be good too.  I try to
meditate a little every day - to keep a positive attitude and bring good
energy to my day and to my work.

Then I found out I became a Great Aunt!  My nephew and his girl had a baby boy -
Bryce Daniel!  So cute!!  I just wanna sniff him!!  haha.  Why do babies always
smell so yummy??  I kinda can't wait til I have grandbabies -- but
then again -- yes I can.  I'll be happy to have them, when they do come!  :)  In
the meantime, I'll just sniff and hold everybody else's!

Acrylic Abstract Painting on Cradled Wood by Sue Allemand,
I finished up this abstract painting -- it just needs to be waxed and the sides painted.   
What should I call it?  I'm not good at titling my paintings or designs!

And the rest of the day was spent on the computer - editing files, working on
a giveaway (make sure you go sign up to win!) for my blog, adding
products to my shop and  researching new walls for my art booth.... 
man these
 little suckers can get expensive!
  But I think this is the
kind I'm going to go with for the Spring...the mesh walls from Flourish.
 They're lightweight, easy to set up, and
provide a LOT of wall space for canvases!  Oh - and they'll fit in my
little car!  More room for product!  haha.

That's it for today!   A "plain jane" workday.  Nothing too exciting!  I did get
to watch my friend, Tracy Weinzapfel, on her Mixed Media Monday (free) Painting
Webclass - for a few minutes.  You should tune in sometime -- she's so fun (and funny)
to watch -- and you'll learn some painting tips as well! Monday nights 5pm Pacific Time.

  And now I'm ready to watch my Chargers before 
bedtime!  Have a GREAT night everyone!
See you tomorrow!!
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