Sunday, September 7, 2014

day 4 ~ my fun day in pictures ~ 30 day Challenge

Whew!  What a fun day!  But now I'm rushing to get my pics up to meet my challenge
before I fall asleep from all day in the fresh air!  haha.

No work for me today - we went to the Makers Market at Collectivo Coffee
in Milwaukee, WI!  That's about an hour from my house.  I'm thinking about
exhibiting next year - so I wanted to check it out and it was a perfectly gorgeous
day out - so it was a great field trip!

It was a wonderful little show - about 40 or so vendors - right in the coffee shop's
parking lot!  I will be putting it on my list for next year!  So many cute and
original things!  And they mix up the vendors & add new and different ones
so that each show of the year is different!  I love that!

I got this Mint Rosemary Soy Candle and a Victorian Pomeade Lip Balm from
one vendor and 2 bracelets from another vendor (can't show those though
because they're gifts!  *wink*).

Alongside the coffee shop they have this fun rubber duckie stream for kids!  You
grab a duckie - or 2 or 3 - and go up to the top and have races!  So cute!

Bay View is a nice, little area of Milwaukee!  I plan to do some more research on
what all is there!  I saw lots of little restaurants and shops I'd like to try

Found in Milwaukee's Historic 3rd Ward, Milwaukee, WI,
Came across this AWESOME message painted on the side of a
building in Milwaukee's Historic 3rd Ward!  Made my day!  I love it!!
We were on our way to the Kite Festival at Veteran's Park - down
by Lake Michigan...

This was Dan's choice of the day -- the Kite Festival -- and it was a great one!
This octopus kite was 50 ft long!  There were tons and tons of
 kites in the air!  (Hard to get pics of all those little things in the
big sky!)  And a kite flying competition - so awesome what those
teams can do with synchronized kite flying to music!!

Veteran's Park is located right on Lake Michigan.  The weather was PERFECT kite
flying weather - and perfect for a walk in the park!!  So gorgeous out!
(Hence the tired Sue!  haha)

Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI
This is a view of the Milwaukee Art Museum right across from the park!  I LOVE
how they built it to look like a ship!

Milwaukee skyline, WI  Sept. 7, 2014 taken by Sue Allemand
Last pic of the day - a view of part of the Milwaukee skyline... so pretty from

OK -- I think a rum slush is in order -- and then I'm gonna sleep REALLY well!!  haha
Oh - and holy camoley - I almost forgot...

I found my little puppy soulmates
at the Kite Festival -- actually my soul "breed" -- these little cuties were just lickin' me
like crazy!  I WANT ONE!!  They're Teddy Bears - Shitzu & Bichon mix!
They're only like 5 lbs!  Sooooo adorable!
I'll be looking into get one of my very own!!  :)

Have a nice night everybody!