Saturday, September 6, 2014

day 3 ~ my beautiful day in pictures

What a GORGEOUS day it was today!  I turned off the A/C and opened all the windows
 for the first time in over a week!  The smell of fresh air was awesome!
I should have gotten out there for a walk - but I was painting and before I knew
it...the day was over!  Hopefully, it'll be great out tomorrow as well - 
we're headed to the Maker's Market in Milwaukee!

Here are my pics for the day!  Lots of playing with paint!!

Mixed Media Paintings by Sue Allemand Art
I love how these little beauties turned out!  Love the color play with the turquoise, purples and lime green!  :)

Quick Abstract Flowers by Sue Allemand Art

Quick & Dirty Abstract Flowers by Sue Allemand
Played with some quick abstracty flowers today - it was fun and turned out ok for a
first attempt.  I'll have to keep playing with the concept.

Work in progress, Sailboat Mixed Media by Sue Allemand
Did a little work on my sailboat painting - but just wasn't inspired by it
today - so I'll save that for another day!  :)

Mixed Media Painted Background in progress by Sue Allemand Art
Painted a blue wash in my mixed media background from yesterday -- it's
actually darker than this picture looks.  But I love
how different papers soak up the paint in fun ways!

I got out some watercolors I've had for a while - but haven't
painted with yet... this is going to be another work in progress...
learning to watercolor --ugh-- I like my acrylics!  :)  The first
"test drive" did go great - so those papers were painted
over with the mixed media paintings in the first picture!   :)  Here
they are again - closer up...

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 090614 by Sue Allemand Art

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 0906142 by Sue Allemand Art

And last but not least -- pics of my messy studio after a long day of
happy painting!

Well peeps -- had some issues with Blogger tonight -- so it took longer to make this
post than I would have liked... but it's UP!  woohoo!  I'm off to
nighty night!  See you tomorrow at the Maker's Market!