Friday, September 5, 2014

day 2 ~ my rainy day in pictures

It's been a rainy, gray day here today...which means the light isn't very good in my studio.  So, it's been a computer work kinda day!  :)

Had to start out the day with a couple cups of coffee... of course!  I'm NOT a morning person.  I do wake up fairly early but it takes a couple hours to get going at full speed.  So coffee and sometimes a little breakfast comes first!  Green Mountain Sumatran is my blend of choice - in the Keurig... or, if my hubby is home - he'll make me one of his specialty chocolate caramel lattes!  No such luck today - he's on a 48 hour shift.  :(

Had to work on some blog buttons today and get them uploaded.  Then spent most of the day scanning artwork....

I like to scan my backgrounds on some of the paintings - to use for digital designs - before I finish painting the canvases.

Sue Allemand Studio, 30 Day Challenge - My Day in Pictures,
And while I was scanning, I made notepads for orders - and packaged up necklaces and prints for shipping.  Lots more scanning and editing of artwork took up most of my afternoon.  But I got a lot done - so I'll be able to get back to painting tomorrow!  :)

Mixed media hand-painted snowman necklaces by Sue Allemand Art,
And uploaded some one-of-a-kind, hand-painted snowmen, mixed media necklaces 
to my Etsy Shop.

Now I'm off to play on Pinterest for a bit before dinner.  If you want -- come FOLLOW me over there -  and on Instagram.  I'll be having a GIVEAWAY on Monday that you don't want to miss!

See ya tomorrow - I hope the sun is back out by then!