Friday, September 26, 2014

new jewelry, life, and followers

NEW!  Inspired Pendant Necklaces - available HERE

Do you ever get so busy you don't know what day it is -- or
even what month?  haha.  That seems to be me lately!
I'm constantly looking at my computer calendar to find the
date - or asking my husband what day it is...
it's been a whirlwind lately of  new projects, commissions,
new clients, marketing and packaging
changes... whew it's been a month!  An EXCITING
month!  Which I'm truly blessed and thankful

But I'm having to remind myself to take some time to
just sit and enjoy the remnants of summer -- to
take a break and sit outside, breathing the
wonderful air, listening to the birds -- before
winter comes and I'm stuck inside for months!

I've been posting on Instagram more often than FB or here
lately -- it's just so easy to post and flip through
everyone else's pics while I'm taking a break!  So, if
you want - come follow me over there...
and I'll follow you back!

Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint, 8-Ounce, Yesteryear

I have a tutorial to finish and post for you all, using the new
easy project -- so gather anything made of wood (I
used wood bowls) and I'll be back with
the tutorial soon!

In the meantime, get out there and enjoy the weather
while it lasts!  :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

life happens

Yep, that about sums it up - "life happens".  I'm sure you've noticed my
30 Day Challenge kinda stopped abruptly at 9 days!
As it was, I was getting the blog post done for the day, late late at
night...and some nights it was really a struggle to get it
finished and up before I fell asleep on the keyboard.  So it really
was a "challenge" for me.  My days are too busy as it is -
and when BIG orders come in, and friends need help,
and house stuff needs to get done, and deadlines loom
 - all at the same time, like they did on Day 10... I'm
REALLY stretched...

I DID get my Fall wreath up - but I still need to clean the door!  lol

So - the 30 day challenge is kaput!  haha.  I'm letting it go!
My life has not slowed
one bit since then - which is GREAT, don't get me wrong -
but some things need to go by the wayside... like 30 day picture
challenges.  haha.

I do PROMISE to keep up with the blog and posting pics of my
day and my process on a more regular basis though (that was the 
whole reason for the challenge - to get myself to post 
more)... just not every day!  :)  It's been great chatting with 
you all about our creative schedules and "fitting it all in" -- and 
I'm hoping that continues!

Kitchen BEFORE - but after tile demo
One BIG thing that is creating havoc in the house
right now is redoing parts of the kitchen.  While I was in San
Diego in July, I had my son remove the old mosaic
ceramic tile backsplash I installed about 12 years ago,
planning on replacing it with a more modern small
subway tile.  Then, once the tile was gone - I decided we really 
should replace the countertop and snack bar while we have the 
backsplash off.  AND - while we have the tile
off - we should update to GFCI outlets...
Yep - down the rabbit hole!  haha.

Snack bar - BEFORE
I'm trying to update a few things that haven't
been updated in a while - but without spending boatloads
of money.  With the downturn in real estate since 2008,
we're really not going to make anything on the sale -
so I'm trying to fix everything and update what I can
without losing more money.  

So -- first things first -- the new countertop and snack bar
went in...
Snack bar & kitchen - AFTER new countertop

And the GFCI outlets went in -- along with an electric
outlet inside the cabinet so we can put in under-the-counter
lights.  Next comes the tiling!  :)

Another thing that has been taking up a BIG amount of time
is the whole "downsizing" thing.  Whew - how did we get
so much stuff??  And I am NOT a "keeper"!  I throw things
out and take stuff to the goodwill constantly!  So how do we
still have this much junk?  

I think I found out one of the problems - my husband
does NOT want to get rid of any of HIS stuff!  haha.  Guess
I'm just gonna have to get rid of it when he's not looking! ;)

Well, I'm off to work on orders... and I have more cleaning
out to do - I'm "suppose" to be having a rummage sale
tomorrow (had one last weekend at a friends and still 
have more to get rid of!) - but I don't know if I'll get everything 
cleaned out!  I probably should just take everything to 
the goodwill like usual and move on to more pressing
things!  Ugh!!

Have a great day!  Hugs,

Friday, September 12, 2014

day 9 ~ my "lazy" day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

Yep - that's how I would describe today - LAZY.  haha.  It's cold, it's
rainy, it's gray.  Dan got home from work - grabbed his bike 
and clothes -
and left for the Fat Tire Bike Race in 
Hayward, WI, this morning.  So after he left - I sat down with
my coffee and my computer - and proceeded to
waste a few hours down the rabbit hole!  haha.

Good thing Makayla (that's my studio asst... say HI Makayla!  haha) 
came today - I think she got more done than me!  haha.  Here
she is painting a basecoat of DecoArt Americana 
Chalky Paint onto wooden
bowls I'm doing a tutorial on - and that I'm gonna use 
for the top of some displays in my booth.

I added some DecoArt Weathered Wood to areas I
want to crackle.  Oh yeah - and I'm doing the same techniques
on some scrabble tile holders too.

I'll have the FULL tutorial up in a few days - so watch for it!
 I LOVE this color - it's called Escape!  Really LOVE the new
Americana Chalky Finish Paints - they're so versatile and easy!

Then I was gathering and pricing a bunch of old artwork -
to bring to my friend's rummage sale tomorrow... I need to get rid
of some stuff and make room for all the new art and big canvases
I'm working on.

I'm all done with this style now... folkart/primitive... and I
just got a bunch back from my old agent and from
the magazine companies that just went out of business -- 
they had a bunch they hadn't sent back... so now I 
have piles and piles I need to find new homes

So, if you're anywhere near Kenosha, WI on Saturday or
Sunday (Sept. 13 & 14) the big, multi-fam rummage sale is at:
5420 - 83rd Street
9am - 3pm!

Hope to see you there!!  Have a fun weekend!

Oh and P.S. - I turned the furnace on today!!  Yeah, I admit it!  haha
Stay warm!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

day 8 ~ my day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

Holy Camoley!!  Where did the day go??  It's 8:20pm and I
almost forgot about my post for today!  In fact, the
only picture I took today... was of the soup I made
this afternoon!  haha.

And THAT picture wasn't even for the blog!  It was for 
my hubby,
who's at work today at the fire station, and I was asking
him if he wanted me to bring him some!  haha.

It's a freezing cold day here in WI today - and I saw 
some soup a friend
of mine made yesterday - and it enticed me to make 
turkey/veggie soup to warm up the tummy today!
And it DID turn out really yummy!

That was the only break I took today -- working, working,
working!  Didn't even leave the house!  Just walked out to the 
mailbox with today's orders....and ran back inside to the
warmth!  I even considered turning the heat on
today -- but I held out!  haha.  And just kept workin'.
My assistant, Makayla, was here today too --
so we got A LOT done!

New artwork is coming your way soon -- along with 
new inspirational jewelry
and beaded bracelets with charms!

OK - I promise - I'll remember to take pictures tomorrow!
No rummage sale because it's suppose to
storm all day... but still lots to do to take stuff over
to a friend's sale on Saturday!  :)  


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

day 7 ~ my "rainy" day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

It's a rainy day on the pumpkin! haha.  So... it's a stay in the house
and work day....  The rain made for a really wonderful
meditation morning... the windows were open and just
listening to the rain fall softly along with the music on
my meditation
recording... it was sooo blissful!

I was SUPPOSE to get my new kitchen countertops installed
today - but I got word last night that they hadn't been delivered
yet - so I have to wait until next Tuesday.  Oh well... there's
a million other things to do!  haha.

Sue Allemand Art Prints,
I spent most of the morning matting prints and filling
orders in Studio B!  :)

 I'm really loving my new candle I got at the Maker Market last
Sunday!  Mint Rosemary is so yummy and peaceful!  I told
ya before - I'm a "super smeller" - haha.  So great
scents really energize me!

Choose Joy Flower by Sue Allemand, Mixed Media Art,

And I did a lot of editing of artwork for new prints and
Society 6 products!  This 8 x 10 print is now available
in my Etsy Shops!  And - it's available as a pillow, phone
case, card, and other home products

Today went so quickly!  I guess when you're having FUN.... as
they say... TIME FLIES!  It's sooo true!  There doesn't seem to
be enough hours in the day for all the fun stuff I want to do and make!

My garage is starting to get "stuffed" with things for the rummage
and art sale -- I'm cleaning out every nook and cranny
 I can get to between work!  But, wouldn't
you know... I heard the weather forecast for Friday... and
it's suppose to RAIN!!  All day!!  UGH!!!  So frustrating!  It
seems Fall has come overnight!  I was suppose to have my sale
Friday - then bring the leftovers to a friend's sale on Saturday...
but now it looks like the weather may ruin my plans.  
I guess we'll have to see if the weatherman changes his mind
tomorrow!  I'm crossin' my fingers!

Oh - and don't forget to go ENTER the GIVEAWAY I posted
Monday!!  You only have a couple more days!  I hope you had a
wonderful, productive day too!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

day 6 ~ my "tiring" day in pictures ~ 30 Day Challenge

Wow, it's been a day!  Didn't get much sleep last night... I don't know what the issue was
 but I woke up about 2am and just couldn't nod off for very long the rest of the early
morning!  So, I figured I might as well be productive, and get
up and start cleaning out my closet and dresser.  That led to the next closet and the
next closet... and the drawers...haha.  

I decided to have a rummage sale this Friday
to get rid of a bunch of BIG things I need to let go of... and a bunch of old art
that I just got back from my agent... so I figured I might as well do a "clean-out"
of the other parts of the house!  And get rid of it all at the same time!

So, needless to say, I didn't take many pictures today!  I don't think you want to see my
clean closets and organized clothes drawers!  haha.

The only pics I really took today were for art supplies that I posted on
FB in our "supplies for sale" group -- I went through my huge stencil stash
and weeded out ones I knew I'd never use!  And had NEVER used!  haha
Why do I keep buying things - supplies mainly - that I don't use and are still NEW
in the package years later??  

Do you do that too?  I think I have a "supply problem" - haha!  Hi, 
my name is Sue, and I'm addicted to arts & craft supplies .  :)   That, and office
supplies!!  I'm such a hoarder of both.  But I need to stop it!  
I'm trying to get this house cleaned out - so that we'll be ready to put it
up for sale when the right opportunity comes along... I'm hoping that's in 2015!
I'm so ready to downsize and not have all the maintenance and expense
of owning a house anymore!

There are no kids left at home to do "chores" for me!  :)  Well... at least not one
I can "order" around - haha!  My son will cut the grass and stuff for me
but he has work of his own to concentrate on.

When my daughter and I moved to California, I got used to living in an
apartment and making everything we had "multi-use"!  I LOVED it - and can't
wait to have all that free time to work on my businesses and have FUN with
my extra time (hello....beach)!  Not, doing house "stuff" - and I despise "garden and 
yard stuff"!
Not to mention having to fix everything that gets broken or wears out!  I LOVE being
able to call the landlord if something's not working correctly!  haha. 

So... it's cleaning out and getting rid of get to the light at the end of
the tunnel!  :)  But it's a lot of work... ugh tiring!

I'm off to eat dinner and price a few more things before I hit the hay!  I hope you 
all had a super, awesome, productive day!


Monday, September 8, 2014

day 5 ~ my plain day in pictures ~ 30 day Challenge

Today was a work all day kinda day - that's why I say "plain" - haha.  This is what most
of my days end up like!  My first job of the day,
 was get all the orders processed and
shipped.  DONE!  Then, I read a little from my newest book - Success Through

I read his other book Super Rich - A Guide To Having It All.... a few years ago and 
really liked it!  I've read it a few times since.  So I bet this one will be good too.  I try to
meditate a little every day - to keep a positive attitude and bring good
energy to my day and to my work.

Then I found out I became a Great Aunt!  My nephew and his girl had a baby boy -
Bryce Daniel!  So cute!!  I just wanna sniff him!!  haha.  Why do babies always
smell so yummy??  I kinda can't wait til I have grandbabies -- but
then again -- yes I can.  I'll be happy to have them, when they do come!  :)  In
the meantime, I'll just sniff and hold everybody else's!

Acrylic Abstract Painting on Cradled Wood by Sue Allemand,
I finished up this abstract painting -- it just needs to be waxed and the sides painted.   
What should I call it?  I'm not good at titling my paintings or designs!

And the rest of the day was spent on the computer - editing files, working on
a giveaway (make sure you go sign up to win!) for my blog, adding
products to my shop and  researching new walls for my art booth.... 
man these
 little suckers can get expensive!
  But I think this is the
kind I'm going to go with for the Spring...the mesh walls from Flourish.
 They're lightweight, easy to set up, and
provide a LOT of wall space for canvases!  Oh - and they'll fit in my
little car!  More room for product!  haha.

That's it for today!   A "plain jane" workday.  Nothing too exciting!  I did get
to watch my friend, Tracy Weinzapfel, on her Mixed Media Monday (free) Painting
Webclass - for a few minutes.  You should tune in sometime -- she's so fun (and funny)
to watch -- and you'll learn some painting tips as well! Monday nights 5pm Pacific Time.

  And now I'm ready to watch my Chargers before 
bedtime!  Have a GREAT night everyone!
See you tomorrow!!
Don't forget to go sign up for the GIVEAWAY!!!


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I have an exciting new GIVEAWAY for you all today!  I always like to give away
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I Just Like To make Things book by Lilla Rogers - GIVEAWAY ends Sept. 13, 2014.  Hurry over and enter to win!

I wish her book would have been around years ago when I first started in licensing!
I had to find out everything the "hard way" - after 20 years of
climbing the art ladder and finding tidbits of information here and there!  

Now, there's so much more information for artists starting out or wanting to
take the licensing path!  And Lilla's book is a great first start!  She
has so many tips and tricks and resources listed in the book, along with
her life story and the paths she took and lessons learned!

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PLEASE NOTE:  This is my first
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

day 4 ~ my fun day in pictures ~ 30 day Challenge

Whew!  What a fun day!  But now I'm rushing to get my pics up to meet my challenge
before I fall asleep from all day in the fresh air!  haha.

No work for me today - we went to the Makers Market at Collectivo Coffee
in Milwaukee, WI!  That's about an hour from my house.  I'm thinking about
exhibiting next year - so I wanted to check it out and it was a perfectly gorgeous
day out - so it was a great field trip!

It was a wonderful little show - about 40 or so vendors - right in the coffee shop's
parking lot!  I will be putting it on my list for next year!  So many cute and
original things!  And they mix up the vendors & add new and different ones
so that each show of the year is different!  I love that!

I got this Mint Rosemary Soy Candle and a Victorian Pomeade Lip Balm from
one vendor and 2 bracelets from another vendor (can't show those though
because they're gifts!  *wink*).

Alongside the coffee shop they have this fun rubber duckie stream for kids!  You
grab a duckie - or 2 or 3 - and go up to the top and have races!  So cute!

Bay View is a nice, little area of Milwaukee!  I plan to do some more research on
what all is there!  I saw lots of little restaurants and shops I'd like to try

Found in Milwaukee's Historic 3rd Ward, Milwaukee, WI,
Came across this AWESOME message painted on the side of a
building in Milwaukee's Historic 3rd Ward!  Made my day!  I love it!!
We were on our way to the Kite Festival at Veteran's Park - down
by Lake Michigan...

This was Dan's choice of the day -- the Kite Festival -- and it was a great one!
This octopus kite was 50 ft long!  There were tons and tons of
 kites in the air!  (Hard to get pics of all those little things in the
big sky!)  And a kite flying competition - so awesome what those
teams can do with synchronized kite flying to music!!

Veteran's Park is located right on Lake Michigan.  The weather was PERFECT kite
flying weather - and perfect for a walk in the park!!  So gorgeous out!
(Hence the tired Sue!  haha)

Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI
This is a view of the Milwaukee Art Museum right across from the park!  I LOVE
how they built it to look like a ship!

Milwaukee skyline, WI  Sept. 7, 2014 taken by Sue Allemand
Last pic of the day - a view of part of the Milwaukee skyline... so pretty from

OK -- I think a rum slush is in order -- and then I'm gonna sleep REALLY well!!  haha
Oh - and holy camoley - I almost forgot...

I found my little puppy soulmates
at the Kite Festival -- actually my soul "breed" -- these little cuties were just lickin' me
like crazy!  I WANT ONE!!  They're Teddy Bears - Shitzu & Bichon mix!
They're only like 5 lbs!  Sooooo adorable!
I'll be looking into get one of my very own!!  :)

Have a nice night everybody!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

day 3 ~ my beautiful day in pictures

What a GORGEOUS day it was today!  I turned off the A/C and opened all the windows
 for the first time in over a week!  The smell of fresh air was awesome!
I should have gotten out there for a walk - but I was painting and before I knew
it...the day was over!  Hopefully, it'll be great out tomorrow as well - 
we're headed to the Maker's Market in Milwaukee!

Here are my pics for the day!  Lots of playing with paint!!

Mixed Media Paintings by Sue Allemand Art
I love how these little beauties turned out!  Love the color play with the turquoise, purples and lime green!  :)

Quick Abstract Flowers by Sue Allemand Art

Quick & Dirty Abstract Flowers by Sue Allemand
Played with some quick abstracty flowers today - it was fun and turned out ok for a
first attempt.  I'll have to keep playing with the concept.

Work in progress, Sailboat Mixed Media by Sue Allemand
Did a little work on my sailboat painting - but just wasn't inspired by it
today - so I'll save that for another day!  :)

Mixed Media Painted Background in progress by Sue Allemand Art
Painted a blue wash in my mixed media background from yesterday -- it's
actually darker than this picture looks.  But I love
how different papers soak up the paint in fun ways!

I got out some watercolors I've had for a while - but haven't
painted with yet... this is going to be another work in progress...
learning to watercolor --ugh-- I like my acrylics!  :)  The first
"test drive" did go great - so those papers were painted
over with the mixed media paintings in the first picture!   :)  Here
they are again - closer up...

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 090614 by Sue Allemand Art

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 0906142 by Sue Allemand Art

And last but not least -- pics of my messy studio after a long day of
happy painting!

Well peeps -- had some issues with Blogger tonight -- so it took longer to make this
post than I would have liked... but it's UP!  woohoo!  I'm off to
nighty night!  See you tomorrow at the Maker's Market!


Friday, September 5, 2014

day 2 ~ my rainy day in pictures

It's been a rainy, gray day here today...which means the light isn't very good in my studio.  So, it's been a computer work kinda day!  :)

Had to start out the day with a couple cups of coffee... of course!  I'm NOT a morning person.  I do wake up fairly early but it takes a couple hours to get going at full speed.  So coffee and sometimes a little breakfast comes first!  Green Mountain Sumatran is my blend of choice - in the Keurig... or, if my hubby is home - he'll make me one of his specialty chocolate caramel lattes!  No such luck today - he's on a 48 hour shift.  :(

Had to work on some blog buttons today and get them uploaded.  Then spent most of the day scanning artwork....

I like to scan my backgrounds on some of the paintings - to use for digital designs - before I finish painting the canvases.

Sue Allemand Studio, 30 Day Challenge - My Day in Pictures,
And while I was scanning, I made notepads for orders - and packaged up necklaces and prints for shipping.  Lots more scanning and editing of artwork took up most of my afternoon.  But I got a lot done - so I'll be able to get back to painting tomorrow!  :)

Mixed media hand-painted snowman necklaces by Sue Allemand Art,
And uploaded some one-of-a-kind, hand-painted snowmen, mixed media necklaces 
to my Etsy Shop.

Now I'm off to play on Pinterest for a bit before dinner.  If you want -- come FOLLOW me over there -  and on Instagram.  I'll be having a GIVEAWAY on Monday that you don't want to miss!

See ya tomorrow - I hope the sun is back out by then!