Sunday, August 3, 2014

tutorial: upcycled painted plastic pots

Upcycled Plastic Pot Makeover - DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint #decoart #americanapaints #paintingtutorial

How many of these worn out plastic pots do you have laying around in your garage?  They're not cute anymore - scuffed up and dirty - but still functional so you think that you should hang on to it to reuse.... but do you?  Well, now you can paint those pots and make them shine again!  All you need is DecoArt's NEW Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints!

Step #1:  Bring your pots in and clean them with soap and water.  Place them on plastic bags or waxed paper for painting.

Now gather your supplies:
DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin Paints - I used these colors:
Cottonball, Pumpkin Patch, Blue Lagoon, Apple Green, Green Beret, Black Tie
Styrofoam Plate or Palette Paper
Paintbrushes - 1" Flat, #8 Filbert (Rounded tip), 10/0 Liner Brush
Paper Towel
Water Basin

Step #2:  Basecoat the bottom of pot with 1" brush - Pumpkin Patch.  On all basecoats, do one coat at a time and let dry.  It'll take approximately 3 coats to completely cover your pot - depending on what color your pot is to start with.

Step #3:  Basecoat top rims of pot - Cottonball.  Make sure to paint down about 2" on the inside so it'll be cute when you fill the pot with dirt. 

Step #4:  Basecoat rim edge - Lagoon Blue.

Step #5:  Draw vine and leaves around top rim with a pencil.  Using a filbert brush, paint leaves by double-loading your brush -  Apple Green and Green Beret (one color on each side of brush - left & right) and stroking onto leaf sections.  Paint down leaf from tip to base on the left - then tip to base on the right.  Two strokes per leaf.  Paint vine with liner brush.  
Step #6:  Paint highlights on leaves with a mix of Cottonball and Apple Green.  Dip dots between leaves - Pumpkin Patch.
Step #7:  Paint stripes on blue edge - Black Tie.

Step #8:  Dip dots on black stripes with rounded back end of brush - Cottonball.

After all coats, let paint dry 24 hours to cure.  The paint seems to hold up well outdoors - but if you wish, you can spray on some Americana Spray Sealer for added protection!  All done!

Plant with fun flowers or a hibiscus tree like mine!  Adds fun color to your deck!  :)