Sunday, August 24, 2014

free ghost tags and preserving leaves

FALL is coming!  FALL is coming!  It's coming faster than I wish (it means winter is coming - booooo)... but there are a lot of things I do LOVE about FALL!  I love the colors most of all - the oranges, reds and yellows - so vibrant and rich!

Click HERE for a DIY on preserving these gorgeous leaves
It's also a great time to cuddle with your loved ones...cuz it's "sweatshirt weather" here in the Midwest!  Spring and Fall weather in the Midwest, is more like the all-year weather in San Diego - which you KNOW I LOVE!  haha.  Summer is just too hot and humid and full of mosquitos - so the autumn time of  year is a nice break from that!  

I also LOVE the smell of bonfires, roasting marshmallows, going to the pumpkin farm and drinking yummy hot chocolate/coffee concoctions my hubby likes to experiment with!  So good!

Autumn Leaves Coffee Art

And I LOVE seeing the kids' costumes when they come for Trick or Treating!  They're just so adorable!  That was always the most fun -- making costumes for my kids!

So, to get you started in your Fall preparations - here's a FREE fun sheet of tags for you!  Make a bunch of ghosties for all those kiddies, craft fairs and friends!  You can download the sheet here:

FREE "Trick or Treat Smell my Sheet Printable Tags" by Sue Allemand,