Thursday, August 7, 2014

are you a super smeller??

Who loves the smell of Stazon Stamping Pads, other than ME??  Post on Sue Allemand Art Blog,

OK - I gotta ask.... who loves the smell of StazOn Stamping Pads??  Come on.... you can admit it... am I the only crazy one?  haha.  

My husband doesn't agree that it smells good!
I had him shut his eyes and sniff and he thought it smelled like paints or cleaners or something.  I, on the other hand, think it smells like icing or candy or fancy cookies!!  Am I weird??

I've always been what they call a "super smeller", I guess.  I can smell things from a mile away -- and lots of times it's NOT in a good way!  haha.  But I LOVE smelling things -- I love candles, scented oils, air fresheners, fabric softeners, fresh cut grass, rain, shampoo, markers, new books, yummy food cooking, lotions.... and I even smell people!

Yup - that's right - I smell my loved ones when I hug them, or I'm near them, or I smell their clothes when I miss them.  I'll lean on my husband's shoulder and he looks over and asks, "are you sniffing me"??  haha,  YUP!!

Well -- to all my fellow super sniffers out there -- I say OWN IT and SMELL ON!  :)
Have an awesome day!