Sunday, July 20, 2014

summer sale!

   It's the time of year again!  Summer in San Diego -- and Comic Con!!  So... we're on vacation!

  Every July my husband and daughter volunteer in the Deaf and Disabled booth at the HUGE Comic Con convention - they love helping out and getting to dress up and see all the awesome costumes, displays and celebrities!  Me - I've gone once - but I'm not a fan of big crowds... so once was enough for me.  I'm the designated chauffeur - which is just fine by me!  (Parking is like $50 a day for this convention - so much cheaper just to drop them off and pick them up!)  I drive them back and forth from our house to the convention center a few times a day -- and I get to relax, hang out at the ocean or the bay, paint, read, meet with friends and sometimes just nap!  haha.  I LOVE it!

A Joyful Soul Summer Sale,

So, along with vacation time comes the BIG SUMMER SALE!  30% OFF in all my shops!  It's time to stock up on those presents you need for the rest of the year - or get that little something you've been eyeing for yourself!  All orders will be shipped out after we return on 7/31!

And come FOLLOW me on Instagram!  I'll be posting all the pics from Comic Con, the beach, and my paintings of the day!

Have a wonderful couple weeks!