Tuesday, July 1, 2014

resistance a.k.a. procrastination

Have you ever read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield?
This is about my tenth time reading it, and every time I pick it up I find new tidbits that help me move forward!  It's a book about creative "resistance" and how resistance keeps sneaking up on us and keeps us from our work - from our goals.  It keeps us from achieving our full creative potential.  

Did you ever tell yourself - I'll work on my art but let me just eat some breakfast first, and get a load of laundry going, and clean up a little....etc., and while you're getting laundry gathered you start straightening your closet, then someone calls and you chat a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit) - you go back to gathering laundry and while you're getting it in the washer you think to yourself "wow, this laundry room really needs to be organized and painted" so you start thinking about paint colors and how to move things around....you remember you saw some great laundry room designs in a magazine so you set off to find it... and OOOH it's almost lunchtime - I'll make lunch for the kids/hubby/me and eat while I look through the mags to find the laundry room designs.  An hour or so later, lunch is done, you found the magazine and set it aside for later.... and you're halfway down the hall to the studio - and the cat is mewing to be let out - so you turn around...let the cat out... grab a cup of coffee on the way to the studio... turn on some music... sit down at the desk... and think "I'll just check my email before I get to work".... 
Depending on what's in your email - this could waste another 15 minutes to 2 hours!  You could be led off on any number of rabbit holes from there - Pinterest, Facebook, reading blog articles, customer requests, orders, ugh...it's endless!  Before you know it you're sucked down the vortex of time-wasting, life-sucking, procrastination-inducing oblivion!  haha.

By the time you pry your head out of technologyland, you turn to your work table and try to decide what you're going to work on today!  This can be a whole other RESISTANCE tactic - if you're like me and have way too many projects you're working on at one time!  Should I work on the painting on my easel, the smaller collection on my floor, the new backgrounds that are started on my desk, the art edits/mockups I'm working on in Photoshop, the bowls of copper-taped necklaces waiting to be soldered, the prints that are waiting to be matted or should I clean my studio ~ the list goes on and on!  Then there's the whole marketing, social media, articles for the blog thing to do - ugh!!! - where does it end??  

By the time you get started, it's time to stop for the day & be with the family, make dinner, etc. and what have you accomplished??  Exactly what "resistance" wanted you to - NOTHING!!

Resistance, procrastination, FEAR, self-sabotage - whatever you want to call it - can keep you mired down in the day to day "muck" you've created, to avoid realizing your dreams!   You need to wake up and realize what's happening... days/weeks/months are passing by and you're getting no closer to your end goal.  Get rid of the excuses, the distractions, the time-sucking petty jobs and FOCUS on your ART - FOCUS on your GOAL!  

Only a constant battle against resistance, will allow you to move forward  to reach your potential.  It's time again, for me to clear out the clutter (more on me & clutter - another time - haha), get rid of projects that don't serve my end goal, and FOCUS on what matters most - getting paint on paper and making MORE ART! 

So this past few weeks has been a major clean-out in my house (again)... saying goodbye to supplies and projects that just serve to split my time into so many little tiny parts.  I said goodbye to a 20 yr. business last year - and designing for magazines and publications - AND the whole primitives/country design style...and now it's time to finish the move forward.... to concentrate on my new direction - and get rid of all the supplies and products that entice me to get lost in the rabbit hole again....  goodbye fabrics and patterns...goodbye woolfelt and stuffing... goodbye embroidery floss and muslin - I loved you all - and maybe we'll meet again someday... but for now I'm hopelessly devoted to my paints - my first love - my future.  (OK - I'm a little kooky - but it DOES feel like a kind of divorce to me... cuz I REALLY LOVE to do it all! haha.)

Thanks, Steven Pressfield, for getting me back on track - AGAIN!  I highly recommend this book for every one of you creative friends - if you're a writer, a painter, a musician, or really anyone with a big goal - it's a GREAT READ that you'll come back to again and again!


P.S.  Come back in a few days for pics of my new studio (Studio B - I think we're calling it - haha.) and a newly organized Studio A!  And why the heck I have 2 studios now.... stay tuned.