Tuesday, March 11, 2014

free Easter Printable tags ~

Holy camoley it's March already!!  Can you believe it?  Not only is it March - but it's already the 11th!!  9 more days until Spring!!  How come it always seems like time flies by soooo fast -- but Winter goes sooooo slow??  How can that be?   It's not so bad for me, this year - I'm in San Diego - in the bright, sunny, warm weather!  No Seasonal Effective Disorder for me this year!  YAY!  But I miss my husband soooo much!  He's back in Wisconsin - working and dealing with this frigid and snowy winter - poor guy!  He's been out here to see me a few times, but it's not nearly enough!  So I think this will be my last full winter here -- until Dan retires in about 6 years.  It's no fun being in paradise -- if you're without your Honey!  :(

Anyway -- I hope the winter is almost over for everyone and we can get on with the Celebrating of Spring!!  And I can drive back to Wisconsin....  in the meantime, here's a FUN link for you!

Free Printable Easter Gift Tags ~ by The Graphics Fairy

It's an adorable set of FREE Printable Easter Tags from The Graphics Fairy!  She just posted them on her blog and I thought I'd pass along the link!  I just LOVE them!  They'd be great on something white (or pastel) and chippy and vintage-looking!   Don't ya think?  I'll be finding stuff like that - for gifts - and attaching these cute tags!