Monday, February 24, 2014

can you SAY what you want to SAY??

Do you know this Sara Bereilles song, "Brave"??

I LOVE this song and this video!  If you listen to the lyrics... you'll hear the lines "say what you want to say, and let the words fall out, honestly.... I wanna see you be Brave"!

I was listening to this song in the car the other day... cranked up loud (of course - haha)... and it really made me think.  Are you able to "say what you wanna say"?  Really?  Honestly??  It would be so freeing if you didn't have to worry about how others would judge you or how they would treat you - for saying what you really think or what you believe.

Now, I'm not talking about saying things that would hurt another person, or that would cause harm or hate.  No racist, sexist, separatist or discriminating kind of remarks.  I'm talking about random, everyday comments that you hold back, because it might separate you (or your business) from others who believe differently??  Like if you said, "I don't believe in ____________", or "I am for _____________".

Do you stand up for what you believe, or how you feel, in an outward way -- or do you hold those comments back... so as not to be judged yourself??  Or to not cause arguments or hard feelings?
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Some people seem to have no trouble just saying whatever is on their mind, posting signs in their yard for what they believe, sticking bumper stickers on their car to "advertise" their opinions, etc.  Or even posting their beliefs on social media - with no thought (or care, it seems) that it would upset or offend anyone.

I'm a big - NO JUDGEMENT - person.  And I like to think I respect our disagreements and I don't judge our differences.  I respect your right to your opinions & beliefs and would never force my beliefs or point of view on anyone. But, honestly, there is a codicil to that - I expect you to be a kind, caring, non-judgemental, respectful person in return - if you want to be my friend.  Is that a judgement in itself?  Can you disagree with someone on beliefs, religious affiliations, political leanings, etc. and still love and respect them and their rights to those feelings and opinions?  Can you have a discussion or conversation about issues without forcing your opinion on them or starting an argument?  Can you agree to disagree - and love them anyway??  Or do you steer clear after you find out their beliefs don't agree with yours?

Hmmmm.... BIG, HEADY questions I'm posting here I think.

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I think it may be even more difficult to stand up for what you believe, if you own a business.  Look what has happened to business owners, in the media, when they state their beliefs or opinions - their businesses get boycotted, ridiculed, rumored about, etc.  Do you stop frequenting a business once you find out their political affiliations, religious beliefs, human rights beliefs??  Do you own a business and just don't care if you lose customers because their opinions and beliefs differ from yours?

It's all a big "hmmmmm...."

Yep - these are the big existential questions that go round and round in my head while I'm listening to song lyrics on the radio!  haha.

LOVE and RESPECT to you all!!


Friday, February 7, 2014


Happy Friday Peeps!!
And since everybody loves a FREEBIE FRIDAY -- I've planned a GIVEAWAY for today!!

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I bought Ronnie Walter's book as soon as it came out -- she's such a FUNNY, FUNNY lady and an awesome talent in the industry!!  I've been reading her BLOG and her husband, Jim's BLOG for, what seems like, FOREVER!  If you don't subscribe to their posts - you should!   I use Bloglovin' to follow all the Blogs I want - this way, I get one daily email with the latest posts from all my favorites!!  Try it - you'll like it!

Anyway - back to the GIVEAWAY!  Ronnie's book - License to Draw - is such a fun and informative read, I thought I'd get an extra copy to give away to one of my readers!!  Whether you are a hobby artist, an aspiring talent, or a seasoned professional - it's always fun to hear how others "MADE IT" in their career -- and Ronnie's book is no exception!  You'll find yourself laughing & crying, all at once - she's such a good writer!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pinterest LOVE

Are you a  Conscientious and Considerate PINner??

Hi, my name is Sue... and I'm a Pinterest addict!  :)  Haha.  I'm a very visual person - hence, ARTIST, haha.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gorgeous "treats for the eyes" that Pinterest provides!!  Lots of inspiration, recipes, projects, color charts and decorating ideas!

It's a gorgeous way to waste a few hours -- pinning things that you expect to get back to one of these days!   Whether it's a project you want to try, or a gift item you want to purchase for a loved one - we pin and pin away without ever checking to see if the Pin actually links anywhere! 

Do you just RePIN and not test the link??  I think we all have, at one time or another.  But it's not right!  And in some cases, may get you in trouble with the site management or owner's of copyrighted material that you RePIN.  Did you know that?

To be a conscientious and considerate PINner -- please click through to make sure the original link is intact!  The easiest way to do this, without losing your place on the page, is to Hit Ctrl + tap the picture... this will open the Pin in another Tab and you can click it from there to make sure it goes to the original Blog or Website post - before you Repin!

While you're there, if it's an ART page or blog, be sure there are no NOTICES posted by the Artist that prohibits Pinning.  Some artists have it listed, right on their page, that they don't wish to have their items Pinned on Pinterest or "shared" in any other way.  If you violate this request, Pinterest has rules in place that will allow them to Delete your Account for copyright violation.  So PLEASE - check your Pins.

And if you're an ARTIST -- please please please, watermark your images!!!  FB and Pinterest and Twitter can be GREAT marketing tools - but if your art isn't watermarked - it makes it VERY easy for violaters to steal your designs and sell them on products around the web!  We're finding more and more of this happening everyday!  I have NEVER had a company or a customer say, "Ugh - I was going to by your design, but the watermark was just so obtrusive that I couldn't see your art!"  And in my opinion, I'd rather be SAFER than SORRY!  Yes - it is still against Copyright Law for people to steal your designs - but that doesn't stop them!  And do you have thousands of dollars to fight every two-bit violater out there?  I don't!!  So let's help protect our own work!  And if you see a fellow artists work being used improperly - please let them know!!  I also use my url as a watermark -- this way, if a link becomes unattached for whatever reason -- people will still be able to find you by the domain name!

So.... that's just my two cents on the matter...  now let's have fun PINNING!!!  :)
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