Friday, November 29, 2013

the day after the feast ~

Is this the way you feel today???  haha.  Apparently Juan Carlos had more to eat than me!  At least he's playing the part!  No - I was good - I had a little bit of each yummy dish!  And only one plate.  And I felt great after!  I LOVE food!!  But I think the days of overindulging are done for me.  It really is a lifestyle change...and not a diet.  Being over 40 really does make a difference - at least it does for me - in how your body changes and LOVES to hold on to every extra pound.  So frustrating!  Especially for a person who's genetics seem to make it a daily struggle of diet and exercise to even maintain some semblance of a normal size!  Haha.  Doesn't help when you work 24/7 and the work you do means you're sitting ALL THE TIME!  I don't know about you - but I direct so much energy into whatever I'm doing - that I can only really concentrate on one thing that "passionately" at a time!  It's either work/business OR diet/exercise!  If I do one or the other with all my being -- it's great -- just seems like I can't do both (to the extent that each needs doing) at the same time!  Oh well... life is for living... and I will continue to do the best I can!  I'm not stressing over it!  It's just what IS.   :)
I do have to say - I'm really liking and feeling GREAT on the Garcinia Cambogia (this is the kind I get - from Amazon) supplement!  I've been taking it for a little over a month now (check out Dr. Oz's video on it) - and I sleep better, I eat better, I have more energy -- and I'm losing some L-B's!  :)  Yay!!  It gives a little boost to helping with the diet efforts too!
Anyway -- I hope you all had a great day yesterday!  And spent some wonderful quality time with your family & friends!
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

being thankful ~

Give Thanks by Sue Allemand,
Hmmm -- where do I start??  It's been a weird year... so many things happened that it's all just a blur to me now.  That is....everything before the sudden death of my Mom on Nov. 5th.  I was clicking along...working, working, working... starting a new business does that to you.  Days, weeks & months just breeze by - for better or for worse.  But I'm a Master Multi-tasker - so being busy was a good thing.  Being passionate about my art and my business again - was a good thing...IS a good thing!  So many ideas -- so little time!
Things were cruising along at a great pace - I was excited and energized - and I was bobbing and the FLOW I call it.  Problems arise - you handle them - and move on to the next...all the while, being so in the zone and you just KNOW you're headed in the right direction!  Dan took a few days off for the coming weekend so we could go down to Arkansas to see my Mom & Dad -- we hadn't been there since late April -- and my mom was getting lonely for some "kid" company!  haha.  So I was getting things "handled" with the business, the cat, the house, that we could be gone for a few days - no problem.  She was so excited we were coming -- and that the rest of the gang would be coming down for Thanksgiving!!
Then bam -- a call at 11:30pm the Monday night before the trip - that just knocks you off your feet.  A sucker punch to the stomach! They're doing CPR on your mom and she's being taken to the hospital.  Unreal.  My mom had Parkinson's Disease for a number of years - and was managing that - but over the last 6 months had had numerous little illnesses (unrelated to PD), falls, problems with medication & blood pressure - that left her frustrated more than anything!  She just wanted to feel "good" again - so she could get back to LIFE...get back to her kids & grandkids and traveling the 12 hours to come visit everyone.
I got out of bed and tried to pack -- tried to think -- my sister's and I were getting in the car to make the 12-hour drive... we had to be there for her...we had to see her.  I just couldn't function... I think I packed 5 black sweaters in my bag - and not much else - just shoving stuff in...trying to wrap my head around what was going on.  And a short while later - a call from my brother - that she was gone.  GONE.  Just gone.
I knew in my heart and the logical part of my brain - that she was in a better place - where there was no pain, no ticks from Parkinson's, no medications, no restrictions to her movement, no foggy parts or disconnected memories in her brain, no more doctors poking her every couple days.... and knowing how Parkinson's it progresses & deteriorates... that passing out from low blood pressure and not waking up was a peaceful, painless end that I would have wished for her
but... BUT....
there's always that selfish BUT!
I choose to be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for the time I did have with her -- for having such a great Mom who was always doing and thinking of others!  Who was always taking in a stray pet, a stray family member...a stray kid...  feeding anybody and everybody with her delicious cooking...making sure everybody was happy and healthy and had everything they needed.  She was kind, loving, generous, supportive...and left us way to soon....and I'll miss her so much!
But I know she'll be with us all (the whole family) -- at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (and forever) -- we'll save a seat for you Mom...and some sweet potatoes!  xoxo

Friday, November 22, 2013

another GIVEAWAY - Set of 6 Penny Rug Buttons

Hi Everybody!  I'm in the mood for GIVEAWAYS!!  I guess this is the right season for it huh?  haha.  So.... here's the next one.... and it's RIGHT HERE on my Blog!!!
WHAT YOU WIN?  A set of 6 of my Apple Penny Rug Buttons (from JHB Intl)!
GIVEAWAY!  Set of 6 Apple Penny Rug Buttons designed by Sue Allemand (JHB Intl)
WHO WILL WIN??  THREE (3) winners will be chosen to receive a Set of 6 Buttons!
HOW YOU WIN?  All you need to do is... write what you're GRATEFUL for... below in the comment section!
WHEN YOU'LL WIN IT?  I will pick 3 winners on Sunday 11/24 at Noon (CMT)!  PLEASE make sure I can get ahold of you!  Either check the blog after Noon Sunday for your name - or make sure your posting under your Google Acct, Profile or something so I can notify you!
I'll START:  I'm GRATEFUL for the love, health & happiness of my FAMILY!
What are you GRATEFUL for today??

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Charlie Snow Rubberstamp GIVEAWAY!!

Oops!  I just realized I never posted the GIVEAWAY on my blog - just Facebook!  Here ya go -- HURRY HURRY though - it's the last day!!
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GIVEAWAY!!  HURRY!  Ends 11/21/13 Charlie Snow Rubber Stamp by Sue Allemand

HUGE mini inspirations SALE!

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Believe Santa Mini Inspirations Art Card designed by Sue Allemand,
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Love & Hope Snowman designed by Sue Allemand for
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I have LOTS to tell you and catch up on....hopefully I'll get to another post today to tell you all about what's been happening lately!  But I wanted to tell you all about this GREAT sale - so you can get your Christmas gifts/cards going before Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

busy busy busy

Hi All!  I haven't been posting much lately - I've been busy, busy with orders...developing new product...and getting new class samples finished!  There'll be lots to show soon!
A Joyful Gift Certificates now available!  Great gifts for family, friends, teacher gifts, Secret Santa swaps
In the meantime -- we now have GIFT CERTIFICATES available for purchase at A Joyful Soul!
You choose the Christmas design or the Everyday design - pick the denomination  from $5 to $50 - and we'll issue a giftcode that your recipient can use on the website for awesome jewelry, art prints, tshirts, etc.  OR they can use it to attend an Art Class in San Diego!!  Just check out Art At The Beach for classes & sign-up (new classes will be posted soon)!
What a great gift for your favorite person -- OR tell your hubby to get one for YOU!!  We'll send the giftcard right to your recipient!  OR we'll send it to you, so you can deliver it personally!
I'm working on some cute new ornaments for the Holidays, new small sentiment charms & a fun, TOTALLY personalized jewelry item that I'm calling my "Serendipity Necklace"!  You get to pick and personalize every part - to make it a true "One of a Kind" keepsake!  I can't wait to show you!
Have a great week!