Wednesday, October 2, 2013

halloween is coming....yay

Yay!  I really LOVE Halloween - and passing out candy to all the cute kiddies in their costumes!!  And I'm even MORE excited this year - because they FINALLY moved Trick or Treating back to Halloween (Oct. 31st) like it should be (instead of the Sunday before)!!  So excited!!
tomato cage ghosts, outdoor decor, Halloween
I just sent my husband to the hardware/garden store to see if he can find some tomato cages to make a version of these cute ghosties!!  When treating was on Sundays - it was always during the day - so no fun, light-up stuff could be seen!!  (This picture was found on Google since I couldn't find the one I took years ago - no attribution was named).  It's so eash - just wrap a bunch of mini lights all over a tomato cage... drape a white sheet or cheesecloth over it...and add felt eyes & nose! 
And - how cool is this DIY Pumpkin Chalkboard Word Search I found on!
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin Word Search fun for Halloween parties
How cool would this be for a Halloween party!  Make a few and have your guests circle words while your chatting around the table!  Find complete instructions HERE!
And I even got my own pumpkin!  (Yep - my kids a grown and don't live at home anymore -- but can't a girl have a little fun?)  I'm not gonna carve it -- those days are over -- too messy when you don't have to do it for the kids -- and there's that OCD thing.  Just thinking about that ooey, gooey mess on my hands makes me shiver!  haha    Nope - I'm gonna paint the face - just have to think of a design I want!  But isn't this the PERFECT pumpkin shape??
I saw it at the grocery store -- and just HAD to have it!  My husband was a couple aisles away grabbing some bread -- and when he came back I had this HUGE pumpkin sitting in the child seat of the cart...with a BIG smile on my face!  haha  He said, "Where did that guy come from??"  I just giggled!  Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna do to transform him!  So many ideas!!!
Oh - and did I tell you??  My cat, Juan Carlos, is gonna be a BAT!!!  We have his costume and have been training him to keep it on for longer periods of time!  Seems to be going pretty well!  He doesn't mind the hat so much -- the wings are taking a little longer, as they squeeze his midsection a little and I don't think he likes it much.  haha  But we're making progress -- only 29 days til Halloween!!
What fun things are you going to do??  With or without children....