Sunday, September 15, 2013

lazy Sundays and Pinterest

How peaceful and serene is this sitting room?  I just want to transport myself there right now!
Although Sundays are still working days for me -- I do try to spend a little time each Sunday afternoon, browsing on my guilty pleasure - Pinterest!  You can follow me HERE if you'd like!  It's my relaxation, my dream state, my meditation for the day!  :)
I get my color inspiration here... the gorgeous pictures calm me, inspire me, and entice me!  It's the WORLD at my fingertips!  Gorgeous places I've never been (but would love to go), delicious-looking foods I'd like to try, beautiful art studios I'd LOVE to work in, easy tutorials on everything I'd always wanted to learn... it's all reading a good book!
A FEAST for the eyes and the brain!  haha   I can lose myself for hours - down the rabbit-hole - and I LOVE every minute of it!  It takes my mind off the million things I have to do and relaxes my soul!  Thank you Pinterest!!