Monday, September 2, 2013

country to coastal - cabinet re-do tutorial

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This cabinet was made by a friend of mine - using a Wooden Nail Chimney Cupboard pattern - many years ago!  And at the time - I was really into the primitive, country look - in art and in decorating.  But I've moved on -- and now I'm TOTALLY head-over-heels into what I call Coastal Vintage!  Might have something to do with moving to San Diego   - ya think??  The funny thing is -- this is in my house in Wisconsin!!  haha
Anyway - this was the last vestige of country primitive in my house - and it was time to transform it into the new, awesome, coastal piece that I envisioned in my head!  So here you go... step by step... how to transform ANY furniture find into a weathered, vintage look, beauty!  (NOTE:  Just click on the pics to open a larger image!)
decorative painting, mixed media, home decor, how-to, furniture tutorial, Sue Allemand
 Step 1:  Get out your AWESOME DecoArt Patio Paints - I used Coastal Surf and Desert Turquoise.  (If your furniture is bare wood - or you'd like a darker basecoat than what's on it - paint it the color you like first.  Mine was already deep red and tan - so I went with those - I want them to show through when I sand the piece.)
Step 2:  Randomly paint your 2 colors all over the piece.  Just slip slap it on - all over - leaving some of the basecoat showing.  Let dry.
Step 3:  Get out a jar of Petroleum Jelly!!  This is your secret weapon!!
Step 4:  Rub the petroleum jelly onto your piece wherever you want your undercoat colors to show through!  The petroleum jelly stop the topcoat from sticking - and will make it easier to sand off those sections!  Rub it wherever you think "wear" would be on your piece - edges, molding highspots, etc.  You can even apply a little to the middle sections of the sides or where boards connect!
Step 5:  Scrunch up a white or clear plastic bag in your hand.  Dip into white paint (I used regular wall paint I had used in the kitchen) - and smush (that's a technical term - hehe) and dab the paint onto the cupboard until the entire thing is covered.  Yes - you are going OVER the petroleum jelly sections too.  If you're paint is a little thick - you can add a little water to make it more moveable. (Note:  I painted over the hinges too, cuz I wanted them to blend in with the cabinet instead of standing-out.)  TIP:  You might want to use a glove for this - or your nails will get full of dried paint!  :)
Let it dry completely.  Be patient.... go to the beach, relax, have a cocktail...
Did you touch it -- does it feel cold??  If it feels cold - it's not completely dry yet.
The reason you want it completely dry is the sanding part is next - and you don't want it coming off in chunks or to peel!
OK - You've waited long enough - let's keep going....
Now - I didn't get a picture of this - but... 
Step 6:  Get a paper towel, or a piece of old nubby rag and rub all over the cabinet!!  This will take off the paint in any of the sections you covered in petroleum jelly!  Honest - it'll just rub right off!  How cool is that??
This is what it looks like after the rubdown!!  :)
Step 7:  Get out your palm sander - if you have one - otherwise you can just use some medium grit sandpaper and some elbow grease!  :)  Sand the edges of the cabinet, the door, the molding, the closure thingy (Idk what that thing is called - hehe), and randomly around the centers of the sides, and the front.  The door of mine is made of 3 boards - so I sanded the edges where the boards come together.
Step 8:  Create depth & texture.  Tools - bubble wrap and DecoArt Americana Paint - Asphaltum (or any dark brown color).  Pour out some paint onto a paint palette or waxed paper and dip the bubble wrap in it to lightly coat.  Press the bubble wrap all over the cabinet in small, random sections. 
Step 9:  More texture.  Tools - old credit card or one of those fake cards you get in the mail and some more DecoArt -Coastal Surf Patio Paint.  Squeeze paint onto palette in a straight line.  Dip and drag the card into the paint. Then lightly drag the card over random sections of the cabinet! 
Step 10:  Even MORE texture.  Using the same credit card and the DecoArt Desert Turquoise paint - dip the card edge into the paint, then tap the edge in vertical and horizontal directions randomly over the cabinet.  You can also do a few of the "dip and drag" (like Step 9) if you see you have bare sections on the cabinet - step back and take a look at all sides to make sure you have an equal coating all over the front and sides.
Step 11:  Finishing with the white coat cover-up.  Tools:  A bristly brush (any size is fine) and the same white paint you used for the intial white coat.  Dip bristle brush into paint and lightly (so that you see the brush bristles) over all of the "texturized" sections to knock down the color a little!  Do this over the entire cabinet, staying away from the sanded edges if you can.  Let dry completely.  TIP:  Keep a baby wipe handy to wipe off any sections you don't like - or that you get on a sanded section!
Step 12:  You can seal your finished piece if you wish!  I used Minwax Clear Paste Wax on mine!  This protects and seals the paint and the wood without giving a "shine" to it!  I LOVE paste wax.  Just use a soft cloth - rub it on all over your piece - then get a clean cloth and buff it til there's just a thin, light layer all over!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how this cabinet turned out!!  It's definitely one piece that I can't wait to see in our new place in San Diego - when we get to finally move there for good!!!  :)  I told Dan I think the ocean view will definitely bring out the blues in the piece!  :)  A girl can dream for an ocean view right??