Monday, July 8, 2013

let there be light

art studio, Sue Allemand

This is what I did the other day -- added fun round lights to the ceiling in my studio!  I need to buy a couple more strings - to finish the whole room - but I LOVE how it gives a fun, carnival-type look to my studio!

art studio, Sue Allemand

Our house is very dark - especially on cloudy and rainy days - and I'm ALWAYS needing more light!   We have really wide overhangs on the house and even on a sunny day - it's not THAT bright!  I've contemplated getting ceiling lights put in - or putting a skylight in my studio - but like that's ever gonna happen!  haha    I would actually have to clean everything out of my studio - yeah right - and plus, by the time we got around to having it done - it'd be time to move back to California for good!  So the new owners would be the recipient of the new lights/skylight...and I've already told myself I'm just going to finish projects that I've started around here over the years -- NOT start any new ones!!

art studio, Sue Allemand

Sooooo.... these will do for now!  Only $12.99 a string at Target!  Love those round bulbs!  They didn't have them at our Target until recently -- I had started adding round xmas bulbs onto each light on a mini Christmas lights string (whoa that was a job!  I had it half done - a 100 string - and then Target got these in!    Somebody at the Goodwill is gonna look at that half done string and think - what was somebody thinkin'??  Haha - yep - I'm crazy!  But hey - it WAS creative!  :)

I'm off to San Diego for 2 weeks!  Leaving tomorrow morning.  Mmmmmm - can't wait to relax at the beach... Harbor Island on the grass (which I LOVE!!  That's my favorite hangout!  So peaceful and beautiful - sketching, meditating, or reading a book by the Bay with an awesome view of my favorite city and Coronado Island!)...cuz I probably won't be able to get anywhere NEAR the beach - in JULY - with all the tourists...unless I wanna park a few miles away or get there BEFORE the crack of dawn!  haha    And I'm gonna be LIVING in my maxi dresses , sunscreen, floppy hat & flip flops!  Yay!

Talk to you soon, from the other side of the country...