Friday, June 21, 2013

for the love of blogs

Juan Carlos Allemand, Sue Allemand, kitty love

Random kitty picture!  haha

For the last few years - I have LOVED LOVED LOVED my iGoogle homepage!!  I had all my favorite art blogs, home décor blogs, craft blogs, lifestyle blogs, tiled on there - the weather in San Diego and here in Wisconsin - the news (what little negative news I let into my world) - and anything else I wanted to keep up to date a quick glance page...that would update all the time, so I didn't have to go hunting each blog and eat up a lot of "work" time!

Well -- As of November 2013 - iGoogle will no longer be available!  :(  I've been dreading that month coming - what would I do - how could I easily get all my inspirational "input" for the day without wasting a lot of time.  I looked and looked and looked -- and waited -- thinking Google would change their minds or would come out with a replacement.... but NO.

But...surprise surprise...I stumbled across an AWESOME replacement!  If you need a way to easily keep track of all the lastest news and posts on your favorite blogs -- this is IT!!  Bloglovin'!!!  All you have to do is sign up - then start typing your favorite blogs in the Search bar!  When you find the blog you want - just click Follow!  So quick and easy!!  I just love it!

Every day you'll get ONE - yep only ONE - email with snippets of all the latest posts by your followed blogs!  If you want to read the whole article - just click on the title and BOOM - you're there!  I SOooo love this!!  And I can't believe it's even EASIER than the IGoogle page!  I don't even have to get on the internet to see the updates!  YEAH!!

Try it out!  Let me know how you like it!


A few UPDATES of my own:  As you can see - I gave up on the 30 days of blogging - it just doesn't fit in my life & work style - for reasons mentioned in previous posts - haha.  So instead of trying to be inauthentic and just yacking for the sake of HAVING to do a daily post - I'm going back to blogging when I have something to say or something fun to post!  :)  It wasn't a waste though - I DID learn a lot about blogging and posting!  And I think about my daily life in a different way - I'm now documenting and taking pics of things I think may be interesting for a post! :)

Also - on the purging 100 things in 100 days front -- I'm well over the 100 things!!  I think I'm addicted to getting rid of stuff now!  haha    I've always been an unclutter-type person - but I think I've kind of gone to the extreme... even so far as unsubscribing from a lot of my daily emails so I can "unclutter" my inbox!  I'm in a "cleaning out" mode -- and I'm planning on keeping that a small part of every day!  Yay!