Friday, June 14, 2013

day 25 ~ bloglove ~ i know...i know...

I'm a bad, bad blogger - haha!  I've missed a couple days....but not because I didn't think about blogging or that I's just like I've always life is too boring for a consistent ~ 30-days-in-a-row blog experience!  haha  Seriously!  It is!  I told you -- I work (a LOT) and I enjoy life.  That's it in a nutshell!  Not too much "exciting" or "blog-worthy"  happens around my opinion.  haha 

This is a whole lot of what I've been doing the last couple days!  Making, printing, and packaging an influx of orders!  But I DID do one thing I'm proud of -- I finally learned how to print my own postage!!  YAY me!  I've always just taken all my packages to my local post office - I've become good friends with the girls that work there over the years!  haha - and they weigh, measure and post them all for me!  And I chat with the girls about our recent travels, and families and funny experiences - while they're processing all my parcels.

Well.... this time... I had an awful lot (this isn't even all of it in the picture - there was about double this after all was done for the day).... and I thought about the other customers at the p.o. - waiting in-line behind me with all these packages...and decided it was about time I gave this postage printing online thing a try!

I have to say - right away I was discouraged on the site!  They only had Priority Mail, Express Mail, and a few others, as options!  No Standard Post, No Media Mail... ugh!!!  And I had all of the above!
So, I thought, "OK that's it - I can't do it.  They don't have the options I need... plus what if I get the wrong weight or I can't print them right." And I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I'd be standing in a LONG line at the p.o.

But with a little more digging...WELL...not really "digging" -- I was sending invoices through Paypal and noticed a button that said, "Print Shipping Label"!!  I clicked through to see what it was.. and Lo and Behold...they had ALL the shipping options I needed!!  They made it so easy!  And from them on, I was off and running...or should I say "printing" and "taping"!  haha  PLUS - I didn't have to fill out all the buyer and address information like on the usps site!  (Granted all these sales happened to be Paypal sales - I guess I will have to go through usps - or just take them to the P.O. if they are Credit Card or other sales...idk.)

It might not seem like a lot to anybody else - but to me - the person who hates change - who hates doing things she's not 100% sure of... this was a giant step!!  And even the girls at the P.O. were proud of me - and we still got to chat while I was dropping off all the boxes and getting stamps!  :)  Yay Me!!!