Tuesday, June 11, 2013

day 24 ~ bloglove ~ airfares and extras - oh my!

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I need to get back to MY city!  My San Diego!  Why oh why are these airfares going crazy all of a sudden??  Not only the airfares - but all the extra charges they're adding on now!  I normally get my flights about 4 -5 weeks from the travel date - that's when I always got the best prices!  I was just there a few weeks ago for a quick trip - and only paid $238!  But I've been looking at flight prices for the last 2 weeks -- it is exactly only 4 weeks from today that Dan & I will be going for our yearly July trip back there -- and STILL the prices are tremendous!  I can't believe it!  I have never paid over $400 (even during Christmastime) for a flight back and forth - WI to SD - or vice versa!  

San Diego, skyline from Harbor Island, http://sueallemand.blogspot.com

But the prices right now -- with taxes -- are over $500 each!!  CRAZY!!!  And now - some airlines are going to be charging $1.99 for soda & coffee!!  Can you believe it??  

But I MUST MUST MUST get back to where my soul lives - to where my peace is - to where I belong!  I will go, whether I have to pay the high airfare or DRIVE - haha!  Really, I don't wanna drive -- I've done the long drive TWICE -- and I really don't wanna - that is...until I have to do it for the LAST & FINAL time when we move the whole house (belongings I mean - not exactly the house - haha) there and never look back!  haha  Can you hear my whining??  But really....where does it end with these prices??  It would be soooo much cheaper to drive!  But then there's a week of driving to consider  - ugh!

Is there a place that is like this for you??  A place where you just feel like you NEED to be??  It could be where you are now -- and if it is -- AWESOME!  Or it could be where you know you WANT to be - have always DREAMED of being - just KNOW that's the place for your heart & your mind & your soul??


That's San Diego to me!  It's my EVERYTHING place!  It has everything I want, everything I need....so no matter the cost...I WILL find myself there!  :)

Off to check prices again....wish me luck!!