Friday, June 7, 2013

day 20 ~ bloglove ~ the boomerang effect

OK - first things first.... here's Juan asked to see him and here he is - the BUM - sleeping on my hand as I type this!  haha

He's as big as a dog!  haha  People see him on the porch and can't believe how large he is!  A big BABY - that's what!  haha

So anyway.... you can call it a Boomerang Effect or you can call it Law of Attraction or whatever you want...but my effort to exclude stuff from my life, is coming back on me!  A kind of weird "giving" karma -- if you will.  haha  But it's actually kinda funny!

I DO believe in Law of Attraction and the Power of Being Positive -- I live my life in this way, generally!  And I've experienced the attraction of my thoughts before -- but never in this way!!  Never when I'm attempting to get RID of stuff!

Remember a few days ago I talked about giving away 100 things in 100 days ~ in order to get rid of the clutter in my life so I can focus on work and not spending all my time cleaning and sorting??  You can read the post HERE.  Well.... that's going good... I've gotten rid of 28 things in 8 days so far!  That's GOOD right??  At least that's what I thought!

But a strange thing has been happening!  All of a sudden, since I started this....people have been randomly GIVING me stuff!  UGH!!!  It's like I send it out there... and it's coming back to me (only different junk!)!!  It seems like everybody is, all of a sudden, giving me things I don't want or need!  At this rate - if I have to add back into the count - all the things that have been given to me...I'll never be done! haha.

So.... what should I do??  I think the only solution is to try and get rid of the 100 things FASTER!  Maybe I'll throw the attraction "momentum" off, if I speed up the pace??  Or will I just be getting things given to me FASTER as well.....ugh....a conundrum!  :)  Hmmm....  maybe I should start giving away MONEY??  haha

Til tomorrow,