Tuesday, June 4, 2013

day 17 ~ bloglove ~ movie time

Hi Everybody!  It was a running around, catching a movie with my husband, getting a new cell phone, having lunch, kinda day!  So, needless to say - no work was accomplished... but sometimes you need days like this!  :)  OK - so these days happen pretty frequently with us - but hey - we're "semi-retired" (meaning our kids are gone and Dan works 24hr on and 48hr off - so he's home A LOT!!).

Anyway - we saw the movie "Now You See Me" - and I LOVED it!!!  Very fun and intriguing!  Keeps you guessing the whole way through!!

Love the actors too -- Mark Ruffalo is from Kenosha!  Great to see a hometown boy in so many great movies!!

Well.... it's wine time - then nighty night!  Lots of work tomorrow!