Monday, June 3, 2013

day 16 ~ bloglove ~ shutting out the "noise"

Do you ever want to just sit in the quiet?  No TV, no radio, nothing but the birds chirping in the yard - just you and quiet inspiration!  That's what I did today -- shut out the "noise" for a while!  I think I need to start doing that more -- I got so much accomplished today!  Like my dad always said - "I could hear my thoughts"!

Sue Allemand, acrylic painting, art in progress, mixed media, prints
"The Smell of the Ocean...." in progress
This self-professed t.v.-ahololic... turned off the "noise" on the tv - and just painted and worked in the quiet! I cannot BELIEVE it myself!  haha  

Sue Allemand, acrylic painting, mixed media, prints
"Love is EVERYTHING" - in progress
So much of our daily lives are filled with nonsense... distractions... negative energy!  I was reading Kelly Rae Roberts post this morning about her art retreat to Bali (the pics are gorgeous!  You should read her post HERE )- and it just made me want to get back to the quiet - to the simplicity of life.  I picture the Balinese as having no "reality tv", no 24 hr news programs - or maybe no tv whatsoever!  I see them talking walks, enjoying nature, eating only fresh food, meditating, taking in the beauty of the lush green of Bali... and I want that!  I immediately turned off the t.v. - and continued working in the quiet!  Smelling the fresh air coming in the windows!  So nice! 

Sue Allemand, acrylic painting, mixed media, prints
"Love is EVERYTHING" - part 2
So now I think this is a new exclusion for me - and it may be VERY difficult - because of my aforementioned addiction (haha) - but I will be trying to give up t.v. during the day!  No listening while I'm working either.  No t.v. whatsoever, until 7pm at night and weekends.  OK - I admit - there may be a few times here and there that I succumb (because I don't think Dan is gonna be ready to exclude t.v. like I am) - but I'll try!  

I won't be giving up music though!  HEY - I can't exclude everything!!  And music is uplifting and inspirational - so it stays! - just not all the time!  :)  Are you ready to get quiet, get focused?  I am!  I'm hoping I'll be more productive too!  Let me know if you're trying this!  I'd love to hear from you!


UPDATE:  Day 3 of 100 donated things in 100 days - Count total 24 of 100 - ahead of schedule!