Monday, June 3, 2013

day 15 ~ bloglove ~ love, gratitude & the moment

Sue Allemand, art, mixed media, grateful, joyful, gifts, inspirational
"Gratitude Vase"
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We've been inundated lately, with news of the devastating storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma and the Southern States, the 4 Firefighters killed fighting a motel fire in Houston,Texas, wildfires in Wisconsin and California, and so many other heart-wrenchingly sad stories.  I haven't read the newspaper or watched the daily tv news in quite a few years - trying to keep the negative in my life to a minimum - but you can't help hearing about these huge news items from friends, breaking news on tv, radio, etc., and the hits are coming day after day lately!

I find myself, every time I hear even a snippet of one of these awful stories, snapping into a conscious state of gratitude!  I immediately think of all I have in my life - my safe & healthy kids; the love, respect & friendship of my awesome husband; my family; my career doing what I love; beautiful nature; and the peace & happiness in my daily life - and I am IMMENSELY GRATEFUL!

Nothing is more important than the people, relationships and soul connections we have in our lives!  Buildings can be rebuilt...roads can be repaved...objects and possessions can be replaced.   It's the LOVE we have and share with each other that means anything in this life!  Be kind and appreciative of the people in your life, help others as often as you can, and most important - LOVE YOURSELF and your LIFE!  If you're not happy in your yourself...figure out how you CAN be - and DO IT!  No one can MAKE you be happy ~ you need to find it within yourself!  And I KNOW YOU CAN!!  It may take a bold move, a jump into your fears, or a total life rehaul - but you'll be LIVING ~ not just running on that treadmill controlled by everyone and everything else in your life!  Say YES only to things that YOU truly want to do, things that bring YOU joy, to people who love YOU as MUCH as you love them! ~ and leave the rest behind.  Stop doing those things that you only do out of a sense of obligation ~ do what makes you feel HAPPY and fulfilled in the moment ~ because that's all we have... the MOMENT!

And as we've seen recently ~ no matter your age, no matter your profession, no matter "who-you-know", how much you have, or where you live ~ life can be over in a flash!  Quit waiting!!  

Make your life WONDERFUL!!  Now!!

Hugs & Best Wishes for Awesomeness,