Thursday, May 23, 2013

day 9 ~ bloglove ~ my absolute favorite place....

Welcome - everybody - to my absolute FAVORITE place in the world!!  Watching the harbor seals and sea lions in LaJolla, California!!  I could sit and watch them ALL day -- and I HAVE!!!  haha
La Jolla, California
Yep - these are all harbor seals on the beach!  There's a ton there now because it's just past pupping season and lots of these are babies not yet ready to leave mama!  They're so adorable to watch right after they're born -- just like little kids -- they don't wanna listen and do what the mama seals want them too!  They wanna swim and play all day!!  Not lay on the beach and sleep! 
A short walk from here - the sea lions are sleeping on top of each other on the rocks!
Sooooo adorable!!
And I LOVE my pelicans too!
I could spend days and weeks and months - just listening to the waves and watching the animals!  Even the seagulls!  haha  This is where my soul feels like it belongs!  By the ocean....
I AM HOME!  :)