Wednesday, May 22, 2013

day 8 ~ bloglove ~ coronado island

What a beautiful day today!  Hope you all had a lovely one too!  Went to Coronado Island and sat watching the surfers ride some pretty big waves!  Lot of young ones - like 12 - 15 year olds -- so amazing!  I could sit and listen to the ocean, watch the surfers and people-watch all day!  :) 
Look at this cool sandcastle we found - they must have had a convention for Dickies at the Hotel Del or something!
I love the Hotel Del - such cool architecture!  Such history!
I LOVE this little gift shop that's right inside the door (ugh - I can't think of the name now!  Something and Story  )- they always have the neatest art and gift products! 
And they have THE YUMMIEST truffles!!  And so many varieties!  They're always a nice little treat!  I had the Black Forest Truffle - Lindsey had a Champagne Truffle and Makayla had a Dark Raspberry Truffle!  So so good!!!
Another lovely day in paradise!  Going to LaJolla tomorrow to visit my seals and sealions...and lounge in the sun!  And tomorrow is the big TATTOO day!  Yikes!  Gettin' a little skeered - haha!  My first tattoo -- a sea star!  Not TOO big so I should be good!  haha
Til tomorrow,