Wednesday, May 22, 2013

day 7 ~ bloglove ~ taco tuesday & margaritas

Sorry ~ didn't get time to post yesterday before I fell asleep ~ I was dog tired!  Left for the airport at 3:30am - with no sleep the night before... so we were dragging when we got to San Diego!  We got some beach time in though and then it was Taco Tuesday time at Fred's in downtown!  So yummy!
Lots of fun girl time - and hilarious girl talk!  People were laughing at us laughing!  So fun!
Here's the girls (Lindsey & Makayla) with their humungous margaritas!   Yep - that's my strawberry one toward the front!  :)
I'll do another post later ~ to make up for missing yesterday!  ;)  Let's see what relaxing mischief we can get into today!  haha
P.S.  The weather is beautiful!!!  I could actually sleep all day in the shade ~ with these ocean breezes wafting over me!