Monday, May 20, 2013

day 6 ~ bloglove ~ vacay time!

Ugh it's so humid today in Wisconsin!  We're waiting for a big storm that was suppose to come last night...that they changed to this morning...that they changed to 3pm -- it is now 5pm and still no sign of that big thunderstorm!  I'm not complaining - except for the fact that I'll be driving to the airport at 3:30am for a 5:50am flight to San Diego... so IF it's gonna come - it better come soon!  I don't wanna be flying in lightening - thank you very much!
beautiful San Diego, California, San Diego Bay
But I can't wait to get to my "HAPPY PLACE"!  And to have a nice week with the girls!  It'll be so nice to get some relaxing time by the ocean - hearing those waves, smelling that air -- that's where my soul wants to be!
Pacific Ocean, LaJolla Cove Beach
I'll be posting pics - and sharing my favorite spots and our adventures with all of you!  I love showing people around my FAVORITE place in the world!  Hey my gorgeous pelicans and seals - momma's comin' home!  haha  See you soon!
Have a great week everybody!  And stay safe from all the storms around the country!