Sunday, May 19, 2013

day 5 ~ bloglove ~ for the love of tulips

Happy Sunday Everybody!!  It's a gorgeous day out today!!  Hubby is gone on the Chocolate City - 40 mile Bike Ride (Burlington, WI) - the breeze is gently blowing through the windows - and I'm enjoying the quiet and getting some work done!
I also LOVE the view of my multi-colors of tulips out my window -- such beautiful color inspiration!  I only wish tulips lasted all year!
Sue Allemand, garden, perennials
I am NOT a gardener -- I HATE getting my hands dirty!!  Actually it's the dried on, chalky feel on my hands that I hate!  I even seem to get it on me when I wear gardening gloves - it always seeps through!  I guess maybe I could handle it if I wore those yellow rubber dishwashing gloves or something.  haha   But it's still not my pastime of choice....I'd rather be painting or sewing or drawing...
So, I do the least out there that I HAVE to!  Cuz - I DO like it to look nice!  haha   That means that I only plant perennials!!  And perennials for Zone 10 (a.k.a. the Frozen Tundra) are seriously limited - at least for anything with color!   So I plant tulips!  Lots and lots of tulips!!  My favorite flower!  I found some bulbs, last winter, for awesome bright orange ones - so I have like 100 more to plant! 
Dan hates yard work as well... so we're stuck!  Unless we move to an apartment where we wouldn't have to do ANYTHING!  I LOVE our apartment in San Diego - we're on the first floor so I can look out the windows and see the Bird Of Paradise bushes and the palms and pretty succulents the gardeners lovingly tend... and I don't have to touch the dirt myself!  :)  The apartments in Wisconsin don't seem to get the same gardener/landscaping attention though....  Sad!
This is the courtyard out my front door -- I can't find a pic of my "birds"!  haha  Birds of Paradise -- I'll have to take some more -- they draw all the hummingbirds in the summertime!  It's so fun to watch while I'm painting at my desk!  :)
So... to pay homage to my favorite flower - I thought I'd post about them today - before they're gone for the season.  I'm leaving for San Diego in a couple days - and I'm betting they will be gone when I come back at the end of the month.  :(   Thank you tulips - for brightening my Spring days!  And smelling like raspberries!  I will miss you until next year!
Ta ta,