Saturday, May 18, 2013

day 4 ~ bloglove ~ blossoming creativity

We had the fun pleasure of going to see our daughter's friend, Elizabeth Rhode, feature her art pieces at the Senior Adjudication Art Gallery Show for UW-Whitewater yesterday!
arts, graduate

What fun ~ to see her so excited about graduating and finding out where LIFE and her new art degree were going to take her!  The whole wide world of art, graphics and design is open to her and I know she's eager and ready to create for HERSELF - and not just for an assignment with teacher-given parameters and techniques!  (Yep Liz, it's time to PLAY!!!!)
Elizabeth Rhode, BS Arts Degree, Found Objects Lamp
I just LOVE this Found Objects Lamp she made from some rusty metal pipe, a cogwheel, patina green pipe, and a wheel frame!  So cool and rustic - you'd have to see it in person! 

I'm SOoooo in LOVE with her giraffe - with the girl dancing behind!  Such a wonderful painting piece!  This was my absolute FAVORITE of the show!
I remember Liz and my daughter, Lindsey, when they were young ~ best friends ~ having such FUN taking art classes up north on vacation, doing little projects to bring to swim meets and races to cheer on their friends, using all my art supplies to decorate their rooms or to "try out" an idea..... and then...Elizabeth's first big LOVE of art class in highschool where the lightbulb not only "blinked" on but was like a BRIGHT BLINDING LIGHT ~ showing her to her career path!   Those two friends have done what they set out to do for their careers ~ and we're so proud of them both ~ it brings tears to my eyes... to see what great, strong, creative women they've become!
Thanks so much Elizabeth - for showing us around and explaining your pieces!  We had a great time and wish you all the BEST with the tons of job applications you've been putting in!  ANY company would be grateful to have you - but we know you'll find one that is JUST the right fit! 
Sue & Dan (and Lindsey too - she wished she could come!  :)