Friday, May 17, 2013

day 3 ~ bloglove~ my husband the nutbar

Whew!  It's been a long day!  We drove out to UW-Whitewater (about 1 1/2 hours away) today to view a good friend of my daughter's Senior Adjudication Art Gallery Show!  I'll post on that tomorrow - with pics!  :)  We went to the meat market on the way home, ran a few errands, and home to work on some cushions I'm making for my mom's fireplace hearth - ugh my back!!  The cushions are 5 feet long each so I had to lay out the fabric and foam on the floor to cut and pin - man, I haven't done that in years, and I'll be SORE for it tomorrow!  But they're all cut, pinned and ready to sew in the morning!  :)
All that - to tell you that I'm running late on this blog post (it's 8:35pm) - but I'm determined to keep my commitment of EVERY day for 30 days - so instead of the long Art Show post I was going to do today... I'm just gonna tell you what a funny goofball my husband is!  haha
I mentioned earlier, that on the way home from the art show, we went to the meat market.  While we're standing in front of the cases,  I asked Dan what kind of steaks he wanted... husband - the aforementioned NUTBAR - thought it would be hilarious to have me ask for this:
Yep!  He got a real big chuckle out of making me ask the butcher for the Top BUTT steaks!  As soon as I told her what I wanted... she asked me if I had a preference for which one I like better... and he was just DYING!!  Giggling like a little kid!
He's all MINE girls!  My big, strong firefighter - still giggling when he makes me say Butt or other equally funny (to him) words that I can't mention here! 
And I'm GRATEFUL for every day of the last 26+ years with him!  He never ceases to make me laugh! <3 you Dan!
Til tomorrow,