Thursday, May 16, 2013

day 2 ~ bloglove ~ graduation time

Here I am - Day 2!  Yay!  Just thinking about all the graduations we have in our family this year!  Four college graduations and a high school graduation - all boys!!  Do you give money for graduations??  Most of us do!  You know most of them will spend the money on everyday needs like gas, food, etc.... I don't know too many who have actually used it for savings or for getting new clothes for job interviews, etc.  I wanted to get them something a little more lasting, along with the prerequisite cash, but have been wracking my brain trying to figure out something boys would like and appreciate....

then I started reading this book The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau (the author of another great book - The $100 Startup)... and by the 3rd chapter I KNEW I had found my "something extra" graduation gift!  I immediately ordered 6 more copies!  One for each of the college grads and one each for my own kids! 
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You can check out inside pages or order a copy HERE!
I LOVE this book so much because it talks about how NOT to be a follower, how to live life differently, that it's OK to make your own HAPPY and live on your own terms!  It's so motivational and inspiring ~ and really has a lot of thought-provoking ideas for how be a creative and happy in whatever career path you choose ~ whether as an employee of a company OR a small business owner!  
 This is a philosophy I've lived by my whole life - and try to teach others - especially my kids!  GO FOR your dreams, take RISKS, move beyond your FEARS,  stop worrying about what others THINK or what they're doing, BE YOU!!    
I just cannot say enough about this book ~ it's really been one of my very favorites of all-time!   And I hope the graduates I got copies for will take the time to sit down and at least START reading it ~ cuz if they START, I don't think they'll be able to put it down ~ and maybe, just maybe, they'll get some ideas on how to live a more fulfilled, adventurous & happy life!!  :)
P.S.  I gave my son (he's 24) his copy a couple days ago -- and he's LOVING it!  This kid has not been a "reader", traditionally - but he's almost through with the book and said to me he wished it wouldn't end!  How great is that??  I'm a Happy Mom!!