Thursday, May 30, 2013

day 12 ~ bloglove ~ island cowgirl yippee!

Last Friday, the girls and I drove the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway - such a beautiful scenic drive we LOVE to take at least once a year) up to Huntington Beach to visit the awesome jewelry shop, Island Cowgirl!! 

I LOVE Heather's jewelry!  So artsy, imperfect, and handcrafted -- each piece looks like it was made "just for you"!!

Her cute little shop is located right on Main St. in Huntington Beach - straight down from the big pier!  Here's some pics of the inside:

I told the girls to each pick out a ring, for a keepsake from our trip!  These are the rings we chose: 

This one is mine!  The Triple Love Ring!  I just love it - it fits so snugly around my finger - like it was made especially for that finger!!

This is Lindsey's!  The Waves of Love Ring!  It has a heart, a sun and etched waves - for my dive girl!  The words "waves of love" are etched on the inside!

And this is Makayla's!  The Big Faith Ring!  It's pretty big and sits further down on her hand!  She LOVES the bigness of it - with the heart in the center!

We chatted about how much we loved the jewelry -- and so does a cousin of ours (Sherry Iaffaldano) - she's purchased soooo many pieces online - and even sent a picture of herself in to them that made it onto their blog!  They were so thrilled to hear of her island cowgirl jewelry obsession!  :)

We had such a nice day - the girls and I!  After shopping, we made our way down to the pier and the beach.... sooooo many people - and it wasn't even the weekend yet!  Memorial Day was coming up and we knew it would be so crowded Saturday, Sunday and Monday - that we went up there on Friday -- I'm glad we did!  Even wandered around a craft show a bit! 

Huntington is such a beautiful place!  If you get a chance to go there or to drive up (or down) the PCH - do so!!  The ocean views are gorgeous!!!  And don't forget to have some lunch at Rosie's Diner on the end of the pier!!  :)  YUMMY burgers!!