Tuesday, May 28, 2013

day 11 ~ bloglove ~ so thankful

WW II Statue, Seaport Village, San Diego, California
What a beautiful day to walk along the Embarcadero in Seaport Village - Memorial Day - seeing 5 Navy ships parked across the bay at Coronado Island... knowing that for today... those men who work those ships...are HOME with their families...enjoying picnics...remembering those who died doing exactly what THEY do everyday...and being thankful for all that we have! 
It was such a glorious morning -- and I LOVE this walk!  I used to walk this route every morning when I lived downtown -- watching the fishing boats leave for the day -- saying hi to the shopkeepers sweeping the walks and opening their stores for the day -- and I would walk around "Kissing" Statue and head back home. 
Well - a year or so ago... that HUGE statue was taken away.  It was suppose to be an art installation that would only be here a short while and then travel the country.  But being right here - in the heart of  & Marine country... next to the USS Midway Museum and across the bay from the Naval Station at Coronado...it ended up being here for many years and had become worn and decayed.  People tried to raise money to save it and have it restored - to no avail.  :(
I thought that was the end of the awesome statue of the Navy man kissing the WAC Nurse - so sad - but I travel back and forth to Wisconsin so much that I didn't find out.... until yesterday...when I made my walk -- that that beautiful statue was replaced!!  It no longer stands HIGH above the trees like the old one did -- but it's still HUGE all the same!  And it caught my heart and my breath for a minute!  It's fully colored now - with a few added touches that I either didn't notice on the other statue - or the artist added for detail!!  It's gorgeous!  Red roses in her hand, the seams down the back of her nylons, etc.  I just LOVE it!! 
THANK YOU to all the people who's names are on the plaques leading up to the statue, who donated to bring back this piece of US nostalgia for everyone to see and photograph!  It's AMAZING!  And one of the many reasons I LOVE San Diego - you know what makes a city great - the history & preserving these beautiful art pieces and buildings and landmarks that make this city spectacular!
P.S.  If you find yourself down at the San Diego Seaport Village Embarcadero - strolling along toward the USS Midway -  come take your picture with the "Kissing Statue" (that's what I call it - haha) and don't forget to check out the Bob Hope Memorial around the side of the Fish Market (push the button to hear one of Bob's performances to the troups)!  So cool!