Sunday, May 26, 2013

day 10 ~ bloglove ~ is not so LOVEd lately

Bad - bad girl!  Haha.  I guess trying to blog while I'm on vacation is not an easy thing to do!  A lot of days we'd be gone from morning til night, and by the time we rolled in... I was too tired to even turn on the computer!  But having fun and loving life is the main thing right??
I'm a few days behind - but that's ok!  I forgive myself!  :)
Anyway ~ we've had an awesome couple days ~ and I WILL post about them as soon as I get the pics downloaded!  For now, I'll leave you with an awesomely fun thing to do here in San Diego -- bonfires on the beach!!  There are firepits that are maintained through the awesome & generous benefactors who continue to keep them open through their donations!  I wish we had them in Wisconsin - but like so many other things there.... I'm sure they'd find a safety issue that would ban their use!
But here - you can bring your own wood, paper, etc...and have a wonderful, peaceful, winding down of the day!  LOVE!! 
San Diego, California